Why did I pick this name for the blog?

Years ago I responded to a TV anchorman in haste and anger. In return he said I spoke with “Crayons and finger-paints”. I used that rebuke to remind myself that although I think I have all the answers, many times I speak and write with crayons and finger-paints. My intent on this blog is to magnify God and share my crayons and finger-paints with you. I hesitate to announce my self as an author, because I only write as the Lord inspires. I sometimes start with one idea and then have to erase it and go with what the Holy Spirit desires.
You will not find any books here for you to buy. I am not published in any book. If the Lord wants me to be published in books, He will let it come to be. I don't worry about that. The Lord had me start this blog to give me a way to magnify Him and share the gifts He gave to me. I plan to keep this forever free. You can also find this blog on Kindle.

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