Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Thrift store junkie

 I love going to thrift stores.  It used to be a necessity, but now it is a hobby.  You can find all sorts of wonderful and sometimes rare jewels at a thrift store.  To the left I have pictured my complete set of china along with a teapot.  I have about 4 teapots now.  I use them to decorate my kitchen nooks and crannies. The entire china set was twenty dollars.  It is the Bell Flower design.  The teapots were about 6 dollars a piece.  I didn't get all this stuff at once.  I go thrift shopping about once or twice a month.

 This teapot is so beautiful.  The handle is especially nice with the humming bird.  It was tucked away on a shelf hidden in plain view, except I didn't see it.  My husband found it for me.
Down below you can see me trying to take a picture of my beautiful curtains.  I bought them for 2 dollars.  They hang in my bedroom now.  They were too long so rather than cut them, I folded the top over and hemmed a pleat on the top for a built in valance.  Just takes a little measuring and patience. Behind me are several rolls of brand new unopened balls of thread.  I love to crochet. $6.00
I do not sit around jealous of what others have.  I am so thankful for the creative ways God has given me to make our house a home for so little cash.

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