Thursday, August 2, 2018

old fashioned me

I was browsing through an old set of photos of women in the 1940's.  I realized that I was quite similar to those women.  I still wear aprons around the house.  They come in handy when I can slip them over a nice outfit after church.  I go home, throw my apron on and cook lunch.  But I have to admit to wearing aprons most every day.  The pockets come in handy when I pick up stuff cleaning that are too little to not lose.  Plus, I tend to sweat while cleaning and I often wipe off my face in a hurry.

Sometimes I am amazed at how much joy I get from doing a lot of the things my grandmother Gray used to do.  My mom worked outside the home. She didn't have time for cooking from scratch. As a child I would love to spend time with  my grandmother.  She baked, cooked, sewed, crocheted and you could eat off her floors.  Her home was immaculate, but everyone felt at home there.  I worked full time as well when my kids were growing up.  Times were tough. But, I am home now and God has given me a new season.  The difference is that now I have time to do what I always loved to do more thoroughly. Modern appliances make my life easier, but I am quite busy making our little retirement house a home.

Today I am making a new recipe.  Chicken, brown rice and broccoli and cheese casserole without soup.  Creamed soups are rough on my husband's diet.  Low fat cheese is easy to find.  The kitchen stove is bubbling with the ingredients.  I had forgotten to cook the chicken yesterday so I am borrowing a tip from my mother in law.  I am just boiling the chicken breast.  It takes very little time.  However, due to the heat I am out on my patio.  I live in Florida and summers are hot.  Yet, today is nice.  I have a fan blowing and watching the wind blowing through the trees is especially nice and refreshing.

Later today I plan to make vegetable soup from scratch.  I love to put some in the freezer so when in a pinch I have it on hand.  Once again, like my grandmother.

I bake my own bread in the bread-maker.  My husband gets home made oatmeal or wheat bread.  He doesn't eat it with each meal, but it makes great toast.  Plus, my home smells warm and comfy.

I am in my sixties now and enjoying every moment.  Each day the Lord brings a new reason to be joyful to this woman.  So, I am old fashioned.  Perhaps old fashioned is the new trend now.

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