Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My skirt turned into a sundress

First off, I do not sew for anyone but myself.  I tried it once, and it was so stressful I vowed never do it again.  I do not sell my stuff either.  But, I enjoy a personal project. I didn't think to take photos while doing this.  Next time I will. I  found this beautiful skirt at a thrift store.  It was way too big for me.  Also, I seldom wear skirts.  I am only four foot 11 inches.  At the age of 61 I have a bit of a tummy now.  So, considering the size of this skirt, I decided to make it into a sundress.  First I removed the top of the skirt.  Then I cut a scoop neckline, and cut out the arm holes.  I created a white yoke from a pillow case found at the thrift shop.  This was tricky.  I sewed it onto the neckline, and armpits.  Turned them around and hemmed it. Then, I crocheted the edging onto the fabric.  Next came the neckline.  It was already sewed into place from when I sewed on the yoke.  So, after measuring the width and length I wanted.  I just created a crochet pattern.  My stuff is not professional.  It is fun though.  I rummaged around and found some left over silk flowers to attach to the front.  I do not sew for anyone but myself.  It is too nerve wracking and I pull out more stitches than a normal seamstress.  I always seem to change my mind midstream as to what I want to do.  But, projects like this are done slowly.  This took me about a month.

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