Thursday, May 31, 2018

Rosanne Barr

So, the news is out.  Rosanne Barr is fired and her show will no longer be seen, even in reruns.  The extreme measures excite all those who are against President Trump.  I doubt racism has anything to do with it.  I feel that President Trump should get a huge apology from those who mocked, ridiculed and tried to spread his name in the mud.  Like that is going to happen.  Not.

It just matters who says what and what side of the party they are on.  I think Rosanne Barr should have been fined.  Why cancel out all of the costars of the show?  In fact, why not put limits on what can be said on the show?  Why cancel the show because of what one person said on their own time?

I think this was a chance to get rid of someone who is in Hollywood and voted for President Trump.  Yet, his ratings continue to soar.  Middle america has spoken.  We aren't interested in what the media and Hollywood say anymore.  They are not the majority.

My thoughts are this, when Donald Trump won the majority to become elected ; it was a horrible shock to those who felt like their candidate was a shoe in.  Here comes a guy with tons of money, a business man, with a long list of sins that should disqualify him in everyone's eyes.  Yet, we see worse sins in those we see in the media and in Hollywood.  In fact, the news media is in a frenzy to report who did what to who in Hollywood.  Now, their own media coworkers are in the spotlight for exploitation of women.  Who knows what else is hidden behind the cameras.

So, Donald Trump did not shock us.  In fact, the evangelicals took him into their arms.  Why not?  What did america have to lose?  In fact, President Trump made good on many of his campaign promises.  He certainly grew our armed forces.  Jobs are coming back in a steady stream.  The stock market is higher than before.  Even with the balancing act, the stock market is higher. I wish the wall between Mexico and United States would have gotten built but so what?  I have written to our President about his tweets.  Personally, I feel he should tone it down but who knows.  This could be the most tweeting President we will ever have.

I truly believe that after all is said and done, we have not heard the end of Rosanne.  She will come out in a different venue, on a different channel.  Truthfully, she isn't my favorite comedian.  However, my favorite comedian is Jesus.  Oh wait, he never got fired.  He was crucified.

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