Thursday, April 19, 2018

Little old gray haired lady with glasses

Well, here I am.  I am now in my sixties.  I stand five feet tall and wear glasses.  My hair is now streaked with gray.  I am that little old gray haired lady with glasses.  Gone are the long blonde hair locks and bouncing as I walk.  A lot has changed in my appearance.

The inside has changed as well.  I no longer think the same or feel the same about things.  Rather than argue, I prefer to listen, reason and evaluate things.  My absolute is the Jesus plumb line.  If it does not match up to what the Lord wants, then I am apt to set it aside.  I am no longer interested in listening to opinions, or bias news.  Opinions are everywhere.  Truth is a treasure that I look for.

My husband and I have developed a habit of listening to the news and waiting for the latest 'Trump bashing'.  We find out what is the flavor of the day and then go on to the weather.  We listen to the rest of the news for a bit and then our first cup of coffee is done.  The television is off as I am fixing breakfast.

Our prayers for the day usually are for our country's leadership.  I figure if you are not praying for it, you shouldn't be complaining about it.  Throughout the day we continuously speak to the Lord.  As I am doing housework, gardening or off to an errand.  God is a part of everything I do.

Our lives are simple these days.  We don't try to fix our children.  They are covered in prayer and in God's hands.  What a fearful and wonderful thing it is to be in the hands of God.  No safer place for our children to be.  No matter what the issue, good or bad, we are able to be content in knowing the Lord will have his own way.  A long time ago the Lord told me 'In the midst of chaos, 'The joy of the Lord is your strength.'  It is ok to be joyful no matter what is happening.

Life is like a treasure hunt.  Look for the things to be thankful for and you will find you have less to worry over.  Worry is just something to do as you are hoping for change.  Being thankful gives you something to do as you become engaged with the only one who can fix things.  Plus, it strengthens you and you become a worshiper and not a worrier.  This little old gray haired lady gave you something to think about eh?

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