Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I was once asked, Sheryl do you ever get bored with your life? I can honestly say no. My life when I was young was so rushed that I dreamed of doing some of the things I do now. I worked part time and went to nursing school while my children were young. As they grew, I  remember working full time,taking up crocheting  and was a taxi for my kid's ball games,nband practice etc. Days off were housework days. My home was never without something to do. Now my kids are grown and still i find things to do. Church holds many hours of servanthood as well as a full social life. I am forever learning something new. I crochet ,read,write and enjoy cleaning and organizing my home.  Now I have time for window shopping, trips to the park or time with friends.  I can't imagine a day without finding something to do,so I am never bored. The body slows down,but i find I have a new challenge each day. Now I work smart,not fast or hard. I see things rather than fly through life.  Getting older is a joy worth so much. Life has challenges in every part of age. I pray you all see the joy no matter what age you are. The sadness and busyness is there.  However take a moment to be thankful that you are able to experience all of the many phases of your lives. 

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