Friday, December 29, 2017

Getting rid of distractions

This morning I was reading my devotional and I came across the verse in Proverbs 19:22  "That which is desired in a man is loyalty and kindness. [and his glory and delight are his giving]

I thought of my daughter Desiree'.  Each year since her daughter was a baby she started giving away toys and clothes that our grand daughter outgrew.  She only has once child and no plans for anymore.  So, instead of throwing things away; she finds places where they can bless others.

My daughter works full time and on her days off she is busy with spending time with  her family, shopping and housework.  She does not wish to climb over toys or mounds of clothes she doesn't need.  In fact, nothing in her home is not functional.  If it is broken, not needed, out grown or discarded she either throws it away or gives it away.  Mostly, her joy is finding someone who can be blessed by it.

Do you have things in your life that are just clutter?  Perhaps you need to clear away the clutter before you can see the blessings you have.  It takes time to accumulate clutter and yet it also takes a few minutes to pick it up, dust it off and put it in a place.  These are distractions for you. Get rid of things this coming year that you don't need.  Be a blessing to others and yourself.  

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