Monday, July 24, 2017

Poetry in the waves

I stand next to the water looking up into a clear blue sky ,I see a formation of pelicans flying oh so high. They dive  into the water below then raise up into the air. Then away they go flying into the sun,they could be anywhere. .   I love to see the mountains the sweet smell of the pine. But give me a tropical setting, I need the warm sunshine.  Breathing in the Salty air and feeling a spray off the ocean, I suddenly smile and come alive. It's  a wonderful emotion.  All my life I loved the warm and sunny days. I love ocean waters and fragrant flowers , bright colors in array. Sometimes you can find me at the beach, waiting for the sun to rise. Like a mighty yellow ball,it rises from the waters.  Then it  lifts  up to the sky. I sit and watch the ocean waves and see the sun's reflection. The worries of all my yesterday's, I have no recollection.  So keep your cities and keep your stores, I want what money cannot buy. Sun on my skin,  the amazing ocean ,I'll take the tropical life.

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