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Fire in my Heart conclusion

Fire in my Heart part 9

Jimmy went to his room feeling lighter than usual.  ‘Missy thinks I’m handsome?  Wow, I think she is the beautiful person I’ve ever known too.  Not much, but it’s something.  I mean, wow.’  Jimmy’s heart was lighter than it had been in years.

As Jimmy walked into his room his phone rang.  ‘Hello?’  He hadn’t remembered to look at the i.d. Number to see who it was.  

‘Hi Jimmy, how did everything go?’ Missy asked.

Jimmy smiled and spoke into the phone.  ‘It went great! I think I found something that will help a lot.  Great bunch of guys and Joe is awesome.  Thanks so much Missy.’

Missy was grinning from ear to ear at that news.  Before she had a chance to answer though, Jimmy broke in.

‘Listen, I need to  talk to you?  Something has been on my mind and I really need to talk to you.’ Jimmy asked.

Suddenly Missy was nervous.  ‘Well sure, how about supper?  I have spaghetti!’

Jimmy nodded to an empty room.  ‘OK, bring it over.’

Once Jimmy hung up the phone, he began rehearsing what to say.  Meanwhile, Missy packed everything up and drove to the hospital.  She prayed and asked the Lord to guide them while Jimmy talked.

Soon, the smell of spaghetti wafted into Jimmy’s room.  ‘Hi! I brought everything we need.  I’ll set it all up.’

‘OK’ Jimmy watched as she busily pulled out his table and placed plates, silverware and even two cans of soda out.  She sat down and Jimmy said grace.

The spaghetti was great, as usual.  Missy was a good cook.  As they were almost on their last bite, Jimmy began to talk.

‘I am going to be discharged this week.’  Missy smiled.  

‘Well, the apartment is all ready!’ she said.

Jimmy took a deep breath.  ‘That might be a problem.  You see, that’s what I wanted to talk about.  I don’t think you and I should be living together.’
Missy’s eyes went wide.  ‘What?  Where would you go?’

‘Now wait a minute before you get upset.  The Lord will find me a place, I’m not worried about that.  However, you need to know something.’

Missy waited for Jimmy to speak.  Her stomach wanted to hurl up the food.  Jimmy was taking his time as usual.  He always wanted to choose just the right words.  ‘Spit it out Jimmy!  You always try to find just the right words so I won’t get hurt. Just tell me!’  she was frustrated.

Jimmy smiled and shook his head.  ‘You never were very patient with me.  Here I am trying to get up the courage and you throw me over the cliff.  OK, here goes.  I have stronger feelings for you than an adopted brother.  I love you very much and always have.  But, I love you in a different way now.  I love you as a man loves a woman. No...let me finish.  I’ll never have the courage if you stop me now.  I think you are the most beautiful, thoughtful, kind and exciting person I’ve ever known.  When I am with you, I feel more alive.  You have shown me back to the Lord I once knew only better.  I wake up each morning and can’t wait to meet with the Lord.  It’s like a kid who can’t wait till Christmas morning, all of a sudden I’m too excited to stay in bed.  The other feeling is when I get excited knowing you are coming to see me.  That is why I can’t live with you right now.  Too much temptation for me.  My physical attraction might be too weak.’

Missy’s eyes were streaming with tears.  She was smiling as well.  That gave Jimmy some hope.  A few moments passed and she was able to speak.  ‘I can go stay with a friend I know in town.  It’s ok.  I have to tell you though, I love you more than I ever thought possible.  All my life I stood by and watched you with all sorts of beautiful girls.  That is why I decided to be a model.  I wanted you to notice me.  I grew up in your shadow.  I was afraid you’d never see me as a woman.  I have stopped loving you as an adopted older brother years ago.  I stayed quiet because I didn’t want to put a load on you if you didn’t share any of those kind of feelings.’  She took a moment to wipe her eyes and nose.  ‘You don’t know how happy I am Jimmy.  You are the most handsome man inside and out.  I know I am safe with you.  I love everything about you.  Your humor, your thoughtful ways, your many talents and especially your faith.  God has answered so many prayers.  I knew you were hurting long before you went into the service.  I saw the light go out of your eyes.  Sharing my faith with you was just who I am, yet I could see you were a dry land seeking water.  You already had fertile soil from years ago.  Did I mention I love you?’

Jimmy sat back on his bed and put out his arms.  She pushed to table away and sat close enough to go into his arms.  They remained that way for several minutes.  Jimmy kissed the top of her head and threaded his fingers into her black curls.  ‘I love your hair’  She grinned.  ‘You always used to tell me that.’  She looked up into his eyes and saw the reflection of her own wonder.  Jimmy couldn’t resist kissing her.

‘I think we should get married.’ she said.

Jimmy laughed loud.  ‘Leave it to you to tell me, rather than waiting for me to ask you.  But, yes Missy.  We definitely should not wait.  How about next week?’

Missy said ‘ OK,  you call your family though.  I’ll get a dress, do the flowers, Joe can do the rest.  There is a chapel here in the hospital!  I just remembered.  How cool is that?’

Jimmy smiled.  ‘Sounds wonderful!’

When they told Joe, he was ecstatic!  ‘I’d love to!  The guys from the bible study would love to be there too!  Is that ok?  My ladies from the church would help with food and the chapel is all decorated so it’s a no brainer!  However, I want to sit and chat with you too a bit before we go further ok?’

The two nodded simultaneously.  ‘No need to make any appointment.  I’ve just a few things.  You both know each other more than the average couple.  However, you both have grown and have many adjustments to make just the same.  Jimmy is still going to need to continue with some treatment and I’d suggest the group therapy.  Is that ok? ‘

‘Absolutely, said Jimmy.’

‘Good, now  I must warn you that there might be times when you have a set back.  However, we will surround you with go to people.  Those you both can go to if the going gets rough.  I hope you don’t move away but if you do, I will help arranging for further help.  Now, Missy...what about your career?  You are a well known model and that means travel.  This will mean time away from each other.’

‘My aunt owns the modeling agency and I phoned her and she is on board.  I can work less and if Jimmy wants; he can travel with me.  She needs someone with his talent.  He may not have told you, but he is an amazing photographer.  He will get to use the latest of equipment and even have a blank check to order state of the art things to help the agency.  This will be about three months out of the year, split up in a week here and a week there.  This won’t take him away from his treatments.  But, you will need to help him with bright lights.’

Joe smiled.  ‘That shouldn’t be a problem.  When would you want to start?’

‘Six months from now.  We are going to honeymoon for a few days and then we’ll be here to set up housekeeping.  Back to his schedule.  I will be enjoying the whole thing.’ said Missy.

Jimmy smiled.  ‘No, I will be enjoying the whole thing.  My parents are so excited.  Missy has always been there little girl.  Just that now, she’ll be their daughter in law.  This is so amazing!  The joy I feel can’t be measured.’

Joe grinned and hugged them both.  ‘Well, I see no problems that we can’t work through with the Lord’s help!  

A few days later Jimmy met his parents at the airport.  The hugs and tears were abundant.  The joy was overflowing.  They stayed at the apartment Missy had rented.  It had two bedrooms so Jimmy could go there once he was discharged.  Only, he wouldn’t be alone.  His wife would be there.  Jimmy sat in his room thinking of it all.  ‘My wife!’ he said over and over.

Joe came into the room with a tuxedo on his arm.  ‘I think this is the right fit!  But, try it on.  I’ve got time to find another.  Jimmy tried it on and it fit perfectly.  He’d lost a little weight but he was stronger now.

‘The folks from church and from the bible study therapy group are all at the chapel enjoying themselves.  Your parents are with Missy.  We best be going now to get you in place.  Are you ready?’

‘I am’ he said.

Everything was a blur after that.  He only remembered a beautiful girl wearing a white dress with lace overlay.  Her veil was trimmed in tiny red flowers and she was walking on his father’s arm.  The room was beautiful with peach colored painted walls, cut glass windows depicting the Lord’s cross.  Red and white flowers decorated the pews and the pulpit.

Suddenly, Joe was standing in front of them.  ‘Ladies and gentlemen you are watching a miracle of God.  This young lady was a victim of a tragic fire, and this gentlemen was victim of the fire of war.  The healing for them both came from the Lord almighty.  He brought them together as a healing balm for their soul.  This marriage consists of a three cord rope.  Jesus at the center, Jimmy on one side and Missy on the other.  Now let’s begin.

Jimmy and Missy held hands.  She spoke first.  ‘I Missy promise to hold this hand for the rest of my life.  I promise to always be truthful, putting you above all other people, willingly obeying the things that God has spoken through you, and in you I trust with my heart.  I take you as my lawful wedded  husband to have to hold in sickness and in health till death parts us. I will honor you, be faithful to you and be the best wife that God shows me to be.’

The room was in tears.  Jimmy also spoke.  ‘I Jimmy take you Missy as my lawful wedded wife.  To have and to hold till death parts us.  I will speak gently, hold you in sickness and in health, I will be honest and faithful.  I declare right now before all that Jesus will show me how to be the husband He wants me to be.  I will go to Him before any decision we need to make.  I declare you my life partner.  I declare that God has called us equals.  He calls us to have different roles in this marriage but equal in their importance.  I will never put you down, and I will ask God to give me strength to lead you closer to Him.  May our marriage always serve Him.  I give you all I am, as I am.  I promise to also open myself up for God’s improvement.  I love you Missy.’

Joe then stepped up.  ‘I now pronounce you man and wife.’

The end

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