Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jewels from the Crayon Box

God's coloring Book of Love
My favorite time of year has always been spring.  When I lived in New York state I used to look out my back yard window and wait for the crocuses to peek through the mud and melted snow.  This was a sure sign that spring was coming.  This reminds me of
  Hosea 6:3  'He will come to us like the ...spring rains that water the earth.
r.    I can't think of anything m beautiful than sitting on my patio watching and listening to the spring rain.  I grab a cup of coffee and just relax as I enjoy God's wonder
Winter is over.  The time of brutal cold weather and gray sky make way for blue skies,green grass, colorful flowers and the smells of spring.  It's no wonder the Lord placed me here in Florida.  I adore the smells of fresh mowed grass, jasmine flowers, orange blossoms, and the sounds of birds flocking to our bird feeder.  I sometimes hear the sounds of peacocks and sandhill cranes as well.
I walk along a nearby pond and discover turtles sunbathing, or fish swimming in the water.  Egrets grace the landscape with their white feathers and long orange beaks. Surely the Lord is with me as I do not take a single flower or sighting for granted.  There is a newness of life in the springtime.  This brings fresh hope to the soul and excitement for days to come.  Here in florida we prepare our flower beds now because it's too hot to do in a few weeks.  We have cut back on our flower beds.  Crushed rock takes the place of cedar wood.  Potted flowers take the place of flowers in the ground.  Less weeding and we are on the go too much to spend the time it takes to weed.  
The blue sky is outstanding with small puffy clouds on most days.
The warmth of it all both in temperature and in atmosphere give pleasure to my soul.  I am so grateful for God's tapestry that covers the earth with his glory.
Don't miss a single thing as you go through your hectic days.  It's all out there for you to enjoy.  The smells, the sights, the warmth and God's blessings.

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