Friday, March 17, 2017

Jewels from the crayon box

The greatest jewel is Jesus.
I want to introduce a new label I am writing.  It is a sort of devotional.  I will add to it frequently.  The Lord often speaks to me about the things of today and how to deal with them.  So often all we see are the bad things that surround us.  If we watch the news, it's easy to get swept away in despair as we see what is going on around us.  The lies in government, the arguing of majority parties and protests of our president.  This is not new though.  If one looks back into history, it's been done for years.

The cost of living is such that we are forced to choose between medicine and paying our bills at times.  We see Hollywood glamour and feel like an invisible person at times.  We rate ourselves next to actors and actresses.  We have forgotten that those actors are playing a part.  They are not real.  We are seeking to achieve that which is not real.  We listen to them as though they hold great truths and their opinions are so important.

Those people in government work for us.  We need not be afraid to speak up if we can do it respectfully.  I am disgusted with those who play act in videos that are killing our president.  I for one voted for him.  I do not think he is perfect though.  HE is just a man.  As are the rest of those in our government.  We pray for them and vote our conscience.

Those of us who work forty hours a week to bring home less money than we need are easily depressed.  Medicine for depression is high on the market of pharmaceuticals. We see photos of the perfect face or body and want to emulate
 it by all sorts of diets.  This diet industry is also making money.  The make up and face lift or bust enhancement industries attest that we are not happy with who we are in a world where the goal is to look our most perfect in a less than perfect world.

Before we spend tons of money on things that we might not need, remember I John 4:4 "Greater is He who's within you than he who's within the world."

The world around us is a scary place unless you have Jesus within us.
You were made perfect by one who IS perfect.  He is power and hope and mercy all combined and He can live in you.  In the very soul of you.  If you let Him.

You can enjoy your life.  Doing something for someone else without looking for anything in return is actually quite satisfying.  Keeping a clean yard, or getting some exercise can boost your joy.  Spending time in prayer not only allows us to have direct access to our King, it is also relaxing.  Don't wait for emergencies, pray for a while each day.  You will find yourself relax.

There is hope for a new tomorrow.  'Christ in us, the hope of glory.'

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