Friday, February 24, 2017

Fire in my heart part eight

The room seemed quiet as Jimmy walked in.  He thought he might be in the wrong room.  Two nurses, another doctor and six patients were sitting in a circle.  Tom came in with a loud ‘Hello, sorry I’m late!’  He gave Jimmy a back slap.  ‘Come sit down Tom.’

‘This is the bible study you told me to come to?’ he asked.

‘Sure is.  I’ll introduce you in a moment.  Let me open in prayer first.’  Tom bowed his head and his baritone voice rang out.  ‘Lord we thank you for the privilege
of being together here and seeking your face.  Tune our hearts to you as we open your word.  Amen.’

Jimmy  was introduced on a first name basis to everyone in the room.  ‘Jimmy is our newest guest but probably not the last. I am still reading from Psalms 56.  Each person opened their bible.  Jimmy had his own and quickly found the passage.  Each person read a verse.

Tom sat back and asked ‘What do the words of King David say to you?’

The doctor spoke up. ‘Well, he was in a horrible situation.  Seems men were out to kill this guy anyway they could.’

Tom nodded.  Another person spoke up ‘He said he trusted in you when he was afraid.  So, this King David was only human.  He did get scared.  Yet, he spoke out ‘In God I trust; I will not be afraid…’

Again Tom nodded.  ‘Jimmy what did it say to you.’  Jimmy was busy rereading and suddenly jerked his head up. ‘What?’

‘What did the passage say to you?' Jimmy nodded ‘Oh, well I keep reading that he spoke out loud a lot.  He was scared, but he spoke about  God.  verse 4 is almost the same as verse 10 and 11.  Then, he began to give an offering of praise.  I don’t read how the prayer was answered, but he spoke that it was after he had given his prayer offering.  In verse 13 ‘For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.’

Tom’s eyes lit up.  ‘What does that say about King David?’

One of the nurses spoke up.  ‘Here’s how I read it.  Though King David was afraid, he gave that fear to God in exchange for praising Him.  I think he then had faith to believe what his eyes could not.’

‘Beautifully said Tina.  This is not an easy thing though.  Can you think how we could use this perspective?’
One of the quiet patients spoke up.  ‘When we are scared, like I am scared a lot...I can give my fear to God and praise Him while still in fear?  Before I see any result I can know that something has happened.’  Jimmy noticed his eyes grew misty after he spoke.

Tom answered , ‘Joe, I think you said a mouthful.  You are spot on my friend.’

Joe smiled and nodded.

Tom continued ‘I think now is a good time to share.  Let’s go around the room and tell our story to Jimmy.  If Jimmy wants, he can share too.  I encourage this frequently.’

The doctor spoke first ‘I was a medic in service….’

Soon Jimmy discovered that he was in a room with several who had been injured mentally from what they had done or seen.

After the meeting was over, Tom walked Jimmy to his room.  ‘Well, what did you think?’ he asked.

Jimmy nodded ‘It was amazing.  You say we do this twice a week?  It’s part of my therapy now?’

‘That’s right Jimmy.  It has proven to be quite helpful.  It seems once this problem is spoken out, it gets smaller.  We all pray about it, as you saw.  The other part of our therapy with your eyes, is that helping?’

‘Well, it’s only been a week but yes; I think so.’  

‘Is the Serotonin bothering you in any way?  Desensitizing your eyes to memories can take a while.  You seem to be doing well, fast.’

Jimmy nodded.  ‘I don’t know how fast I’m progressing but you can see that better than I can.  I was wondering though, I’m due to go home next week.  I’m still coming to hospital for treatments and bible study, right?’

‘Yes, are you worried about something?’

‘No, Missy found me a nice place.  She wants to move in with me but I said no.  I know she’s upset.  She sees me as a risk alone, plus as her ‘brother’ she feels she is to take care of me.  Just between you and I though, I have different feelings for her. ‘  

‘I see, wow that’s a tough one.  I will speak to her.  Perhaps I can make her see some other solutions.  I won’t tell her of your feelings, but you should.  You should tell her soon too.  This could be sticky.  However, you two make a great couple.  Perhaps it’s the Lord’s doing?’  Tom tried to hold back a grin.  He knew of Missy’s feelings but didn’t know of Jimmy’s until now.  

‘I think I’d scare her.  I mean, I have to admit I’m not much of a catch right now.’

Tom crossed his arms over his chest.  ‘If King David thought so low of himself, he’d never believe God could do miracles.  You are a chosen son of God, Tom.  A prince in fact.  Get that through your head.  The devil wants to talk you into thinking yourself a loser.  But, you aren’t!  You are a brave, courageous, honest, thoughtful man.  According to Missy.  She also thinks you are' the handsomest man in the world.'  That’s all I’m going to divulge though so go talk to her.

Tom turned around and walked down the hall leaving Jimmy with his mouth open.

To be continued.

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