Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eternal Hope despite the Violence

I was talking to my sister the other day.  We realized that the world our grandchildren are growing up in is so much worse than the world we once knew.  We could wander the neighborhood as long as we were within earshot of our mother’s call.  No one thought of gun fire in our streets.  Back then we enjoyed the outdoors. We'd ride our bikes for miles in good weather. Winter time we hated to be inside.  Many times we kids shoveled snow for the fun of being out of doors.  I can’t see that happening much nowadays.

I am sure our own grand mothers held the same views though.  Yet the violence in our society now is that which no one has ever seen.  This is an age where rage and violence are the norm and not a shocking occurrence.  We need to be watchful even going to the grocery store.  Older folks seldom shop after six o’clock.  Yet, anyone is susceptible to carjacking at all hours.

So, how do we help our next generation in times like these?  I believe now more than ever it is the efforts of the church that help make a safe environment for our children.  The teachings of Jesus is still the same as before.  It is a blueprint for a joyful and happy life.  We have become so busy texting, driving, working, etc that our children are left to grow up by themselves. They are not a part of our world, but an extension that needs to be quiet and go play. We use television as a babysitter. We give electronic games precedence over sitting together. Who is minding the children?

Where many find going to church an intrusion in their life, those who know better find it the most important part of their life.  The church is a hospital for those who have suffered through the things of this world.  We are taught how to do things God’s way.  As we learn and put our teaching into action we find our response to today’s problems more effective.  We are not taught through condemnation and blaming.  We are taught through a never changing word that brings life into the darkness.

We join with other believers and learn together as we share our life together.  We judge what is good or bad for us by what the word of God says.  Our Christian ancestors lived this way.  It was a simpler world back then.  Evil was not as prevalent as it is now, or was it?  Can we Christians call down the power of God?  Can we expose evil?  Remember, we fight not against flesh and blood but spirits and principalities.  

There is an evil and it changes faces so that people do not recognize it.  We can become desensitized to it. Yet, it is still the same evil that has been here since the beginning.  Satan never does anything new.  His goal is still to kill and destroy us.

As parents and grandparents we still hold a great deal of power against this.  Prayer is the most powerful tool ever.  We can still change the atmosphere through our prayer.  God is not mocked, whatsoever we sow , we reap.  Sow prayers, love, patience, mercy, and compassion.  Add to that wisdom and knowledge.  Our next generation has hope.  We can point the way to that hope.

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