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Fire in my Heart part three

Fire in My Heart part three

The weeks flew by as Missy got used to her new home.  Sometimes during the night Jimmy would wake up to hear Missy crying in the next room.  Those were the times when he’d go in and find her sitting up in bed.  ‘Hey little one,  I’m here.  Come here Missy.’

Missy would crawl over the covers and sit with Jimmy.  ‘I dreamed of Mommy and the fire.  The fire was so big.  I couldn’t breathe.’  She would shake as Jimmy held her.  He’d tell her that her Mom and Dad were all right in heaven.  Then he’d hug her and tell her that he would always be there.  Soon, her head would bobble and he’d lay her back down and cover her up.  

One day Missy listened as Jimmy was in the kitchen talking about his camping trip coming up.  ‘Where are we going Jimmy?’  Jimmy looked over at her with sad eyes.  

‘I’m sorry Missy, you can’t go this time.  I’m going to football camp.  We’ll be in a tent and get up early and practice football in the mud.’

Missy made a face.  ‘That sounds awful.’

‘It’s a blast really, that is if you’re a guy.  Little girls would hate it.’ he was going to say more but his mother cut in.

‘Here is your breakfast Missy.  We’ll talk about this later.’  She knew this was going to be hard on her.

Missy forgot about the camping trip until she saw Jimmy packing.  His bedroom door was open and the suitcase was open on the bed.  ‘When are you going?’ she asked in a small voice.

Jimmy looked up from packing.  ‘I’m leaving in the morning.  But, it’s only for a week.’ he promised.  ‘I’ll be back Missy.  I know this is sudden to you, but I do this every year.’

Missy stomped her foot.  ‘You can’t go!’  She crossed her arms and glared at him.  ‘You said you would never leave me.  You can’t go!’  She slammed the door and went to find Mrs. Beasty.

Jimmy’s eyes went to the ceiling as he prayed ‘Father, she has to learn that she is safe without me.  I don’t want to hurt her.’

Missy was in no better humor at the dinner table.  She refused to eat and didn’t want dessert.  Pushing her plate aside she made to get up from her chair.  ‘Listen, young lady! ‘ Uncle Jimmy spoke.  ‘You are not to behave like this.  Now sit down and eat!’

She sat back down and pouted.  When Uncle Jimmy gave her a stern look, she looked right back at him.  ‘You eat!’ she said.
Uncle Jimmy asked ‘What is this all about?’  He looked at his wife.  
‘Well, it seems our little Missy is angry because Jimmy goes to camp tomorrow.’
‘Ah’ he shook his head. ‘Well, you eat you dinner and I’ll talk to you later.  If you don’t eat and stop pouting I’ll spank you!’

Missy looked up quick.  ‘What is pouting?  You’d really hit me?’  Her eyes were big like saucers.  She looked for Jimmy to help.  ‘See, they will hit me when you’re gone.’  She became quite frightened.

Jimmy shook his head. ‘A spanking is something they did to me when I was little and acted like you are.  Now, eat Missy!’

Realizing that she’d get no help, she ate her dinner.  Afterwards, she sat on Uncle Jimmy’s lap on the front room recliner.  ‘Now Missy,  You have to let Jimmy go away sometimes.  He’ll always come back.’  

Missy hung her head and said nothing.  She remained on Uncle Jim’s lap as he continued to talk.  ‘Aunt Lily and I will be here.  You won’t be by yourself.’  Missy took a deep breath.

‘Can I get down now?’  Uncle Jimmy said yes.  She climbed down and went upstairs to her room.  She got up on the bed and talked to Mrs. Beasty.  Someone had washed her and put nice perfume on her.  Missy just hugged her and then began to play with some of her new toys.  Aunt Lily had given her a tea set and small table and chair set.  She had pretend tea party with Mrs. Beasty.  She had another new doll too.  Missy like it and put it near the tea party.  She had named it Miss Dolly.  It had shiny black hair just like her hair.  Bright blue eyes and a yellow dress with white lace trim.  Black shoes and white socks made the doll look like a little girl.

Jimmy peeked in, ‘Having a nice tea party?’

Missy continued to pass tea to her doll.  ‘Yes, and you are not invited.  Go away!’

Jimmy grinned and went back into his room to finish packing.  ‘She is so cute’ he thought.

The coach came the next morning to gather Jimmy for camp.  Missy stood in the corner watching everyone kiss him good bye.  As Jimmy walked past her he stopped and leaned down.  ‘Missy, I know you are real mad.  But, I promise I will be back.’  He kissed the top of her head.  Missy looked up at him.  

She nodded her head as big tears formed in her eyes.  This was too much for Jimmy.  He picked her up and gave her a big hug.  ‘See you soon.’  he then put her back down and followed coach out the door.  Missy went upstairs and watched him leave from her bedroom window.  Somehow Jimmy knew where she was.  When he was on the bus, he looked up and waved.

Aunt Lily filled the days having Missy help out in the yard.  Missy scooped up the leaves and put them in the barrel as Aunt Lily raked.  She helped put the yard ornaments into the garage to store for next year.  Another day she went with Aunt Lily to pick out pumpkins to put near the front door.  She loved the pumpkin store.  She looked at all sorts of Fall ornaments , dishes, plants, and noticed a place to sit and eat.  Aunt Lily took a moment to sit with her and have hot cocoa.  ‘Do you want any pumpkin cookies?’ she asked.

‘Oh yes!’ she replied.  This was her favorite day of the week.  ‘This is like a party!’ she said with a smile.  When they were done eating, Aunt Lily put the 2 large pumpkins in the car.  Lily’s job was to carry the small pumpkin.

When they got home Aunt Lily gave Missy a marker.  ‘I’ll help you put a face on them, ok?’
Missy nodded.  Very carefully and slowly Missy tried to make a face on the pumpkin.  Her own face was quite serious, her little tongue licking her mouth as she drew.  The face came out crooked but had a nice smile.  ‘Is this ok?’

‘I’d say that was wonderful Missy!  Good job!’  When they were done, the pumpkins were put outside.

‘I can’t wait for Jimmy to come home and see the good work I did!’  she said.

Aunt Lily smiled.  ‘I have a little surprise inside for you Missy.  I got you a new doll today.’

Missy went inside to find a beautiful rag doll made with a orange plaid dress and long orange yarn pig tail hair.  She went over to the doll and hugged it.  ‘Oh, it’s so pretty!  Thank you!’  Missy played with the doll until suppertime.  ‘Can I put the Miss Pumpkin in Jimmy’s chair for supper?’

Uncle Jimmy laughed.  ‘Of course, but she better not eat!  I am starved.’

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