Saturday, October 8, 2016

Through the Storm

I am back home now, after having to evacuate my home during Hurricane Matthew.  It was an odd feeling to have to pack my bags in two hours to prepare to leave, without knowing if I would have anything to come back to.  What to bring?  Well, important papers such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, financial papers etc. A few changes of clothes, and both my husband and I grabbed something that is very dear to us.  For him it was his father's pocket watch, for me it was a watch given to me by my mother when I turned 11.  My bible is a small one that I keep in my purse at all times.  Canned goods, and water.  Of course we took our precious little dog.

I remember thinking 'God will either take care of this home, or he'll find me another.'  A long time ago I learned a valuable lesson from God.  Never feel that where you are is your lasting home.  Always be prepared to go where you are sent.  To let things form an attachment is dangerous.  I've known what it's like to leave things behind or give things away...only to have God give me other things.

A sense of peace came over me.  With it came a sense of humor.  For some reason I felt it necessary to wash the dishes and make the bed.  I hate to return home to an untidy home and this is a habit.

I sent a message via Facebook to a few people.  Mostly, making sure that they knew I was in a safe place during the storm.  Dear friends let us ride out the storm with them.  We all prayed and yet it was not a prayer out of fear, but calling on God's promises.  We praised Him during this time.  The Holy Spirit overwhelmed us during this time.  My friend got a vision of God taking the storm in his hand and moving it aside.  Sure enough, the eye of the storm wobbled a bit and the storm's CAT 4 winds lessened.  My husband and I layed down about 7:30 p.m. and slept through the storm.

The next day we woke up early and watched the wind blowing through the trees, thinking the worst suring hadn't come yet.  As our hosts got up though, we were told the storm was blowing away from us.  We had slept through the worst.  The power was off in our friends home.  I drank a cup of cold coffee and ate a power bar for breakfast.

Suddenly, the Lord said to me that our home still stood.  My husband and I looked to each other for confirmation about whether to stay or go home.  We decided to go home.  We found no power lines down, very little tree branches scattered around.  The power was on as we got closer to our home.  The water had left a lot of puddles and filled retention ponds yet no scattered homes or horrific debris.

We were blessed and knew that God had done a miracle.  This powerful storm is still working it's way up the coast and I'm praying it dissipates quickly out to sea.  Yet, it was a lesson for my husband and I.  We have our future laid out for us according to God's will. We can make plans for our future, but God is the author who decides what is next.

For now, our house was mostly untouched.  Nothing moved on my patio, not even our plastic chairs.  A grill was turned over.  It was not ours, but we had it for our neighbor while he is away.  A storage bin moved yet it was about 3 inches from our car and made no dents.  Praise God!

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