Friday, September 23, 2016

Arm Chair doily

Recently, I was crocheting a lovely doily to fit over the back of a chair.  Unfortunately since it was a doily, I did not have a pattern for a armrest to match.  This was a challenge for me.  I searched all over for free patterns with doilies of the pineapple design. I could not find any armrest doilies.  So, this is my own creation.  I am posting the instructions to make it.  However, bear with me...I have never done this before.

  1. Ch 5 and join with slip stitch to first ch to form ring.
  2. 2 Make 10 dc in ring
  3. 3 ch 3, 1 dc, ch 2, 2 dc around. Making 5 sets of dc
  4. Ch 3 ,* 2 trc ch 2 2 trc [shell] inside 2 dc od previous row ch 2. Repeat from * around
  5. Sl st into shell, ch 4, 1 trc, ch 2 , 2 trc in shell,  ch 7,shell in shell then ch 7 around
  6. Sl st into shell, ch 4 [make shell in shell with first ch 4 as first trc throughout pattern. Make 7 trc in ch 7 space, ch 2, make shell in shell around.
  7. Sl st into shell, ch 4 make shell into shell, ch 2 ,trc ch 1 in next 7 trc,shell into shell around
  8. Sl st into shell ch 4,1 trc ch2,2 trc,ch 2,2 trc ch 3, 1 sc  between each trc ch 3 x 6 around
  9. Sl st into shell ,ch in shell ch 2 ,2 trc in shell, ch 3 ,sc ch 3, x5 around
  10. Sl st into shell,shell in shell ch 2,7 trc in next space,ch 2 , shell in shell, ch 3, 1 sc ch 3, shell in shell,x4 around
  11. Sl st into shell,shell in shell,ch 2, trc in each of next 2 trc, ch2,trc in next 3 trc, ch 2, trc in next 2 trc, ch 2,shell in shell ,ch 3.1 sc ch 3,x 3 around
  12. Sl st into shell,shell into shell,ch 5 trc in 2 trc,ch 2 trc in 3 trc, ch 2,trc in 2 trc, ch 5,sc in ch 3 space x2 repeat around
  13. Same as row 12 only ch 1 in ch 3 space
  14. Sl st into shell,shell in shell,ch 8,make picot ,ch 5, sc in next space x4,ch 8,make picot ch 5 shell in shell,shell in next shell [joining 2 shells] around
  15. Sl st into shell,2 trc in shell,, ch 5 make shell in each picot with ch five between  them.  Two trc in each shell. End by 2 trc in shell and join with last 2 trc
  16. Sl st into ch 3, five double crochet in ch 5 space, 3 dc in smaller shell space around.  Fasten off

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