Monday, June 13, 2016

Sheryl's thoughts on Orlando's mass murders

I always love to get messages with all sorts of comments and questions.  Today I want to address the question,'Do Christian people hate those who sin?'

Hating a person who goes against what the word of God says would not be Christlike.  You see, He loved the sinner.  In fact He died for us.
The 'sin' of homosexuality was asked as well. The answer is the same no matter what the sin.

Whether or not they go to heaven without repentance is in the word of God. But that was not the question.

My part is to show Christlike love. I do not have to compromise my faith by loving those who do not follow Jesus.

In fact,how will others see Jesus if I am hateful. In showing love,I don't follow after the sin in which they commit. I present a choice for them to follow Christ.

My prayers go out to those involved in the mass murders in Orlando. I am saddened to see the pain and suffering.

I pray that the Christian community surround this situation with love...and do it all in the name of Jesus.

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