Thursday, May 5, 2016

take time

I can remember years ago walking down a carpeted hall with my med cart. At the end of the hall was a window. I usd to love to see the afternoon sun chase down the hall. A glow of gold. It was brief but i enjoyed it.
Little things like the first taste of coffee. The smell of fresh mowed grass.
The sight of birds and watching rain fall. Listening to children sing and ocean waves. I love the sound of palm trees in the breeze. This poem came into my head this morning.

Watch and listen for a moment
As you stumble through your day
There's beauty in the raindrops
As they fall on cloudy days

Take time to enjoy our surrounding
There's joy everywhere you go
We see nothing but work abounding
We miss a precious show

The cardinal sings a chirping song
The smell of baking fills the air
A flash of red and the bird is gone
Were you quick enough to see it there?

God gives us a choice to use our time
To rest and work and play
Yet we fill our mind with deadlines
No time for joy today

But budget time throughout your day
Notice what God has made
His plan is for joy along your way
The race through life will fade

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