Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day

As tomorrow is Mother's Day,I wish Happy Mother's day to all moms.  This mother's day,my mom is no longer with me. She is in heaven.
I don't feel like I have an empty spot though. I kept thinking I would,but I see things from a different perspective. Death is the first day of eternal life for those who know God.
Don't misunderstand, life is precious here on earth. Yet my mother's teaching,and memory are forever near. I know she would hate for me to be false.She knew my emotions run deeper than tears.
I miss her each day,but not to the point of wanting her back. I am forever thankful she is with Jesus.
When she lived I felt it important to always thank her and make her feel loved.
She would smile often and skim her knuckles gently across my cheek.My mom gave me much more than I could ever count. She told me many times that God made me to bring much joy to her.
Her careless words that stung have long been forgiven. Only joy remains. Understanding grows more each day.
I realize not everyone has this view of their mother. Each one is different.
But,as I came to know Jesus more,my love for my mother grew. I had an awareness of her best efforts and weak spots.
I suddenly looked for ways that God guided me as a mother too. I asked forgiveness for my blunders and looked to the Lord for ways to improve as a mom.
I didn't always agree with my mother. But I always enjoyed her. Some of her still lives through her children.
I am not pineing for my mother. I am happy and content to miss her,but know I will see her again. 

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