Saturday, May 14, 2016

God wins over everything evil that is in the news..

In listening to the news lately, it seems as though the time has come when we Christians are being shoved aside.  Our ideas no longer matter if they aren’t what others think.  Prayer was taken out of schools and the rights of the LGBT have taken over.

We sometimes have to fight for our right to pray in public places.  The constitution of this country is being tested.  The right to bear arms is now in question.

Our ancestors would be shocked to see what we have done with this country that they fought so hard to win for us. 

As I see what is happening with a spirit of rebellion and unbelief, I wonder why God would bless this country.  Our God has removed countries before.  Just because we are a great nation right now does not mean that God won’t take us down.

I believe this is a wakeup call for God’s people to stand up and let their voice be heard.  Christians have rights just as much as any other group.  The only group that the people hate is Christians.  It’s not us personally; it’s who we stand for.

We fight not against flesh and blood, but spirits and principalities.  Our time is now, our victory is in His hands, He is able, He is willing and He wants our eyes on Him.

So, God’s punishment might indeed come.  But, it is righteous and just.  He is a God of Justice.  The battle is His.  Our part is to pray, take part in voting, pray for wisdom on who to vote for.  Our part is to live as though He’s coming tomorrow while working each day in preparation for tomorrow.

There are fewer abortions now than in a very long time.  Women are choosing to keep their babies. The Christian churches are waking up and learning to love like never before.

The news media reports on all the horrible things going on in this world.  No one is free from burdens that seem too much for us.  Actually, the burdens are too much; we can do all things through Christ though.  We hear of wars, diseases, famine, shootings, murders, theft, as never before.

Yet, this is why I know that my God is about to burst forth with a mighty revival the likes that no one has seen.  Just when evil looks insurmountable, the Light breaks through every time.  So, be vigilant in your prayers.  Keep worshiping and praising the one that has no equal. Choose today who you will trust in.  I choose Christ.



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