Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Prayer for Brussels terrorists attack, and more

This morning I watched as the news of Brussels attack spread across my television screen  This is real.  Folks all over the world are effected by this group called 'Isis'.  My prayers are with the people in the latest attack.  I spoke to the Lord like this...

Lord be with those in this latest attack.  Give wisdom to the government in how to respond and how to protect the people.  Magnify yourself through this entire war.  Let the people's heart melt and turn toward you.  Your word says 'If God be for us, who can be against us.'  Help us to remember to align ourselves with you.  Let our eyes look to the one who is above all things.  You are our stronghold, you are there through each and every day.  Not just on days of crisis but each moment of each day You are God.  Help the people to turn to you and pray.  Let us seek your face.  Let the word of God come alive in our hearts.  Help us to keep our focus during these times of unrest and murder.

You can change the hearts of the enemies too.  You changed Saul to Paul.  These terrorists are only people and you are God.  I pray that this generation be known for people who defeated the enemy through prayer and by the word of God.

Thank you Lord.  You always listen and I know you will do a miracle.

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