Saturday, January 9, 2016


I haven't been on my blog in a while.  My husband hurt his back and I am part time caregiver and chef cook and bottle washer.  Writing seemed to go to the back burner.  However, as a way of relaxing I have been crocheting in my free time.  Here are some photos of my creations.  I made myself some dishcloths.  Usually I make gifts to give away.  Yet, I am busy with making these and now some pot holders as well.  These are simple to make and last forever.  Single crochet fifty in a chain plus three for turning.  Using the three stitches for turning as first stitch, double crochet across.  Chain three, double crochet in second stitch, skip a chain and two double crochet in next.  Repeat across.  Third row chain three and double crochet in second stitch, 2 double crochet in next stitch, skip a space and two double crochet in next. ...across the row.  Continue row two and row three for pattern.  I worked 6 rows of white and then one of color, then eight rows of white and then a color, another 8 rows of white and then a color and ending with 6 rows of white.  Single crochet around the square.  Too simple and very useful.  These are rough times with my husband's health and also we have some home repairs to do.  The pipes leaked and we had to pull up our floors.  Thank God for church brothers who came over to help out.  My hubby could not crawl under house or anything.  Yet, the work is being done slow, but sure.  We are spending a lot of time together and finding things to do at home without injuring him further.  God is good.

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