Friday, November 13, 2015

The best dreams

When I think of all the blessings I have in this life, it is hard to be unhappy.  Mine is not the life of a rich or well known woman.  If this blog finds you, it is because the Lord has caused it to be so.  Yet, I’ve some things that very few women have.  I know what it is like to be loved.  I know what it feels like to have someone whom I can trust will never lie to me.  I know what it feels like to have been the object of a love so great that it can grow even more as time goes by.

As a young girl living in a dysfunctional family, I often dreamed of a white knight who would see me as Cinderella. Though some would not admit it, everyone wants to be loved and cherished as they are.  If we try to become someone who would capture that love, we are deceiving ourselves.  For what good is it to obtain love based on a lie?

A man that is faithful and true is a gift beyond all others.  It matters little how much money he brings in or how handsome he is.  That is reversed also, a man might be attracted to an outward package but in the end he will only be disappointed with an inside that is shallow.

I do not recall every dreaming of having a yacht or precious jewels. I wanted someone who I could share myself with.  I dreamed of someone who I could trust without a shadow of doubt.  I wanted to be loved and to be able to love back without reservation.    I dreamed of keeping a home clean and neat.  I dreamed of making dinner for a husband.  I dreamed of simple things.

As I think on those things I am reminded of how much the Lord has jumped in and fulfilled many of my dreams with Himself.  He answered my prayers not only in a wonderful husband, but in His own spirit.  I can tell that only He could have blessed this woman with so many little gifts that equal much more than money could buy.

A marriage that He created gave me freedom to grow and freedom to be joyful.  I am joyful as I make the bed or fix a delicious meal.  I am joyful doing the smallest of things.  I am joyful when I go on a cruise to the tropical islands.  I am joyful going to a thrift store.  There is always something exciting going on. 

Right now I am in the middle of home repair.  The floor is torn up and my cupboards have been moved.  Yet, I find much joy in going through this as though it’s another way for love to shine through.  Men from our church have come to help out.  We are not in a hurry to have it done in a day.  We are not alone.

Through the forty years of marriage, each time we went through something; we made it through with a memory and we grew together as well as growing as a person.  I pray we will never stop growing together, and growing in the Lord.

For, I have what many do not have.  I am loved and I have someone whom I can trust with that love.  The Lord has given me a priceless gift in my husband.  Yet, even without him I still have a priceless gift of love..from Him.  I dreamed bigger than I realized.


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