Thursday, November 5, 2015

Help God! We got us a Situation!

For anyone who has lived past the age of five, you will suffer from various trials.  Here at my home we have had our fair share.

Hubby is waiting to undergo back surgery and also shoulder surgery.  Of course, while he is a bit under the weather….our pipes decided to leak.  We did not know this right away.  They did not tell us until they had leaked under the kitchen, bathroom, and hall floor.  Of course this meant removing the cabinets to work on the floor.  Our entire kitchen and hall floor then needed to be removed.

Did  I mention my hubby’s back is out of wack?  Timing is everything. He normally would fix this by himself but that is totally out of the question. A quick prayer and we scurried to the phone to see about help for the problem. 

The next problem? Insurance does not cover all of this.   Due to the  cost of this and our fixed income….we will have to make do.  So, I told all my friends to not come visit me.  My home is not it’s usual perky self at the moment.

So, here we are with a situation.  Everything is totally out of our capacity to fix.  Our health, our finances and now home repairs.  It is not easy to put a good face on when you are in pain.  Hubby takes meds for pain which make him tired.  He looks at the floor and gets depressed. 

How does a wife manage this?  I think back to what the bible said about wives being a ‘help meet’  I do not do home repair by any stretch of the imagination.  I get lost with a roll of duck tape.  However, I can still keep things as organized around the house as possible.  I don’t have to give in to grimacing as I look at my home. 

With hubby home full time, I have been going to the ocean or the beach to help relax and get away.  We try to go to church activities that will keep us uplifted.  Praise music floats through the air at home.  Prayer goes on throughout the day.

Responding to each situation in our lives with a positive outlook helps.  But, one reality we have to remind ourselves is…we can fix nothing without the grace of God.  It’s all in His hands.  It’s too heavy for us to handle.  He will give us ideas and get the job done within our budget.  Our job is to act on what we know to do, without going beyond what we can do.  At this point in life, we are physically not the people we were in our twenties.  But, what we lack in muscle we have gained in wisdom.  We know that God is able.  He has brought us through so far and we have no doubt that he’ll bring us through this …and whatever the next situation ahead may be.

It is well with my soul.

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