Saturday, November 21, 2015

First Thanksgiving Dinner was pot luck

I love the smells and tastes of the season.  This year the people of our park are getting together for a pot luck dinner for Thanksgiving.  Some of the older folk are not going home for the holiday and some just don't have family.  I am reminded of the first thanksgiving.  Did you know it was actually a potluck dinner?  Everyone brought something to the table.  They brought what was available.  Some might have had turkey, some vegetable, some pie.  But, it might have been a much simpler affair than we know it today.  Folks from the nearby areas came to the first Thanksgiving dinner.  It was to give thanks to the Lord for helping them get through tough times. 
So many of us are busy going through the motions of making a huge dinner and getting stressed out if the turkey is over cooked.  Some are unhappy because they have nothing substantial to even put on the table.  Folks are traveling far and wide to be with family.  Some are alone this year and every year.  Still some are spending their time shopping for Christmas and forgetting the day all together.
Thanksgiving is not about what you put on the table.  It is nice to have friends and family, yet that is not the main part of this day.  Give thanks for what you have.  Know that our Father loves and provides for us.  He is to be thanked not just on one day a year, but every day of our lives.
I have no idea what I will eat this year on Thanksgiving.  My family is far away.  Yet, I plan to enjoy this day of remembrance.  My prayers are with all who stumbled upon this blog.  May you be blessed whatever you eat, wherever you go, whatever you do.  If you are with family or friends, alone in front of the television or even traveling.  God bless you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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