Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bloodlines part 5

The Lord spoke to Aileen as she sat in her pew on Sunday morning.  The pastor was speaking about being diligent in prayer.  He told of the woman in Luke 18 who kept coming to a judge with her pleas.  The judge granted her wish so she would quit coming to him.

Aileen knew she could not pray one prayer a day before a meal and get much done.  She made a fist as she sat and vowed that she would be diligent no matter if she saw nothing in front of her.  She took God up on his own word and would keep fighting through prayer.

When Tom and Aileen got home that day they noticed that the
answering machine was blinking.  Michael would not be home that night.  'Well sweetie, I guess it's just you and me' said Tom.

Aileen took out the sandwiches and made lunch.  As she cleaned up the lunch dishes, Tom sat down to watch a ball game on tv.

The sudsy dishwater faded away as Aileen went deep into thought.  'Am I praying what God wants or what I want?  What is God's focus on everything?  He is merciful and loving, he loves family he is also a just God.'

Ideas kept floating through Aileen's mind.  That night as Tom lay asleep in bed, she got up and went to her chair in the living room.  She always sat there and rocked when something was on her mind.  She suddenly murmered the Lord's prayer.  'Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'  The prayer kept going round and round in her mind until she wrote it down and read each line.  The words that struck her by force were...'on earth as it is in heaven'
Jesus called down God's will from heaven to come to earth.  'Well now, ' said Aileen 'I can do that too through the power of Jesus Christ!'
She sat a while longer though and prayed that God would show her what her focus in prayer should be regarding her soon to be grandchild.  She quickly put that thought to one side and tried to think of what is the most important thing to pray.  Those weak spots in the family.  According to God's word she wrote down those t'hings that He said were sin.  Then she went back to her church notes to see if there was anything there that could help her.

Sure enough, the pastor had spoken of justice being the focus of prayer.  God's justice is not the same as earthly justice.

Isaiah 42:4   The prophet Isaiah foretold our savior ..........
'he will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth.  In his law the islands will put their hope.'

Matthew 12:18-19  '......I will put my spirit on him and he will proclaim justice to the nations.'

As Aileen thought on these words she knew that her prayers for restoration were also a call to God's justice.  Her prayers for restoration were for the healing and bringing back hearts to God for salvation and blessing.  In effect, she decided to be the intercessor for her family.

The rocking chair came to a halt as Aileen prayed earnestly on behalf of her family.  She started with her son Michael and his unborn child, and kept going until she fell asleep.

Hours later she awoke when she heard the clock strike 12.  She gathered up her notes and put them in her bible.  She gathered up her bathrobe and went back to bed.  As she placed her bible in her nightstand, she thanked the Lord for listening to her and also prayed for more wisdom to come.

The following weeks turned into months and Aileen saw very little change in her family.  She became depressed thinking she either hadn't prayed enough or the right way.

She was making up the beds one day and felt like she should reread some notes from the previous weeks or even years of sermons.  She had them all in folders in a chest of drawers.  She called it her 'Homework' drawer.  It took a while and then she came across something she had forgotten.

The pastor who was at the church years ago had preached about how we often go by what we see and not remember that God answers in the best way,  the righteous way, and in His time.  We seldom know who is touched by our prayers.  We need to pull ourselves out of the picture and put God on the throne for keeps.  We can't depend on our emotions as they change from day to day.  We can't see all that God does from moment to moment.

'He hears the broken hearted and sets the captives free' she thought. I will never stop believing.  Even though I pass from this life to eternity...these prayers do not die.  I don't need to see with my own eyes, God sees and that's all I need to know.

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