Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bloodlines Part 4

The cloudy and rainy day did nothing to elevate Aileen's mood.  A knock on the door however, brought a exercise for her thoughts.  'Hi sis!  I thought I'd drop in for some of your cinnamon coffee and a chat.  Are you busy?'
Aileen had her computer on, three bibles open and a lamp on the kitchen table to illuminate her paperwork.  'No, not really.  It would be great for a break.  Come in Millie.'
Millie stomped the mud off her shoes and wiped them on the carpet in front of the door.  'What are you doing?'
'Oh, I'm looking up some scripture that I need to know.' Aileen put her computer away and cleared off the table.  She moved over to the counter and poured her sister a cup of coffee. 
Millie looked around her sister's kitchen.  'I've always loved the way your house looks so cozy.  The window next to the table overlooking a window box.  The white porcelain appliances with a back drop of red counter top.  Even the wainscot trimmed in red.  Your wallpaper is just stunning too.  I can't remember ever seeing holly on wallpaper.  The green and white and red just tie it all in.  Of course your red and white dinner ware and red and white checkered table cloth add a finishing touch.'
Millie took a deep breath and smelled the coffee.
'I have some cinnamon buns if you'd like some.'
'No, just coffee. Thanks.  So what are you studying? '
Aileen knew that Millie was a Christian.  Yet, some things Millie did not agree with.  'Well, I was thinking of our family history.  Not just the way we look, but some of our problems as well.  I am praying for our family now, and also our descendants.'
Millie nodded her head and stared at the different bibles.  Aileen had a King James, an NIV, and New American Standard out.  Plus, she had some other books that Millie had never heard of before.  One author was Dutch Sheets.  The book was entitled 'Intercessory Prayer'.
'Well, praying is good. But, why all the books?  I'm sure you know how to pray.'
'Yes, but I want my prayers to be powerful and also I want to break generational curses.'  Here it comes she thought.
Millie rolled her eyes.  'Are you getting into that spiritual nonsense like those witch doctors and putting spells and curses on people?'  She watched her sister warily.
'NO!  However our family has had a certain weakness in specific areas over the centuries.  I remember listening to Gramma years ago talk about the many men who drank their savings away, got involved with other women, and gambled.'
Millie laughed.  'Yeah, she sure knew how to tell a story.  Our family was one of the first at the race track....not racing mind you.  Great grampa was gambling and selling horses as well.  Plus, he ran a Speak Easy during prohibition.  But hey, our other grand father was just as bad.  He ran a still and made moonshine for years.  Our great uncles used to be runners.'
Aileen listened as her sister laughed.  'I know it sounds like a great story but can you imagine living in those days?  A lot of our family were seriously hurt by that.  Gramma told us how she practically raised her kids alone because her husband was an alcoholic, he was one of the runners.  Remember how great grampa lost the family fortune gambling at the race track?  Our ancestors came to this country very rich men.  The old homestead was huge.  Gradually, the land was sold off to pay debts.'
Once again Millie nodded her head.  'So, you are praying to get all that back?'
Aileen shook her head.  'I'm trying to break the chain of alcoholism, gambling, and whatever weakness our family has, through the power of prayer.'
Millie got up and topped off her coffee.  'I get what you are saying, but what about other things.  What about cancer, epilepsy and heart disease.  Our family has those too.  Don't tell me those people who get disease are sinners!'
Aileen had not thought of that.  She said a silent prayer for wisdom.  'Well, I had not even given that a thought.  God doesn't give an innocent a disease.  However, it is not a family is still a curse...or a weakness.  I believe God heals, don't you?'
The air in the kitchen began to get heavy.  Millie shook her head.  'What about my daughter?  What do you think of her?'
It was well known in the family that Lisa was in a homosexual relationship.  'What does the word of God say?'
'He is a loving God.' answered Millie.  'I will never turn my back on her!'  She challenged Aileen to answer like some of those in her church had done.
'Millie, Jesus ate with the sinners.  No, he didn't call them out or condemn them.  He loved them and held them close.  As a family we are to do the same.  Yet, Jesus did not compromise who he was or what the word of God says.  He did not run with crowd who were doing things against the word of God.  What I pray for Lisa is simply that she hears what the word of God says and takes it to heart.  If there is anything else I should pray, I ask the Lord to tell me.  Lisa knows I adore her.  Didn't I take her with me shopping, to movies now and then, and include her in everything I include my other nieces and nephews in?'
Millie's eyes were brimming with tears. ' My friends at church don't want her there.'
Aileen was horrified.  The subject of her prayers were set aside for the moment.  'That is horrible.  I would never attend a church that did not accept my daughter.  Does she want to go to church though?'
Millie thought a moment and tried to answer honestly.  'I don't know.  She sometimes talks about it, but usually negatively.  She said she can't worship a God who does not support her lifestyle.  She also says the people in church are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who sit back and judge people.  I'm not sure is she wants to go.'  Millie suddenly became quiet.
Aileen sat and waited for her sister to say more if she wanted. When her sister remained quiet, she spoke in a soft voice.  'The word of God tells us to love each other.  Anyone can come to our church.  We do not know the personal battles each of us faces.  The only thing is, we do not apologize for the word of God. We do not compromise who we are in Christ.  Look into the word of God, Millie and check the scriptures regarding drunkards, idolaters, and homosexuals.  It's in the new and old testament.  Just remember, I am looking for weaknesses in our family that God can heal.  I am looking to take back the peace and hope in our family.  Right now, I am in a battle of my own.'
Millie looked over the table.  'What's happened sis?'
'I am about to be a grandmother.  Yet, my son is not ready to be a father.  The family of the girl is afraid of us I think.  My son has probably shown himself to be drunk and drugged a lot.  It is not as though we are engaged in that sort of living, but they do not know that.  They are keeping their distance.  My chances of seeing this baby are slim.'
'I'm so sorry Aileen!  I will pray for you!'
Aileen looked out the window and saw the rain.  'Pray for our grandchild.  Let God's will be done...not mine.  I will have peace if I do what the Lord says do.  He gives the peace that passes understanding.  I do not understand it all, nor do I have to.  What I want is a family who is whole.  Yet, not on my terms.  Only God's way can bring about results.  I am looking for scriptures that give His promises.  I am praying those scriptures over our family, Millie.  God is the absolute truth , the end all and over all.  He is the best I can pray for, for my grand daughter and this family.'
Millie looked at the determination on her sister's face.  She felt the presence of the Lord in that room.  She felt no condemnation, only hope.  She had never seen her sister's face glow when she spoke of her Savior.'
'I am not sure I understand everything.  Yet, I will pray and look up the scriptures.  I also want to have your determination.'  She said.
'I pray you see the end as God has shown me.  He is a good God, he loves us, wants the best for us, he is close to us, and he is FOR us...not against us!'
Millie took a deep breath and laughed.  'Look at us?  Wouldn't Mom laugh if she could see us now?  She had all she could do to make us go to Sunday school!'
Aileen smiled and remembered.  'Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.'
'Why sister dear, I believe that is a promise of God!'
Aileen wrote it down to be number four of her prayer list.  'You are right!  You know, it's so much easier to pray the scriptures than to sit and worry or judge or be upset with our ancestors.  Or, to say things like 'I can't help it, after ancestors did it.' 
Millie nodded.  'Are you gonna pray over our finances too?'
'Why not?' Aileen answered. 'It was robbed from us!  Remember, 'We fight not against flesh and blood but spirits and principalities.'  A spirit of poverty really is a curse!' 
Ephesians 6:12  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.'

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