Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bloodlines part 2

Aileen watched her stew simmer and waited for her husband
Tom to return home from work.  She decided to wait until after supper before telling him the news.  The back door opened behind her and she knew he was home.

'Hi there, that smells good!' He said.  Aileen and Tom had been married since she was seventeen and he was nineteen.  The years of cooking had showed her what Tom's favorite suppers were.

Tom took off his  red plaid lined jean jacket.  He removed his boots near the back door as they were always caked with the mud of a hard day at a building project.

A quick kiss on his cheek and he was off to clean up for dinner.  Aileen prayed that she would be able to tell Tom the news carefully.

She finished setting the table and soon Tom came and sat down to eat.  Dinner was quiet and mostly they spoke of his day.  He finished his dish and sat back.  Aileen began to clean off the table as Tom watched her.  'OK, are you going to tell me what's wrong?'

Tom sat back and stretched his arms.  'Come on Aileen.  I know you.  What's up?'

Aileen looked at her husband.  He knew her like she knew him.  She smiled.  'I didn't want to upset you while you ate'

Wow, this sounds bad.' he said.
'It's about Michael.  He came and told me that Cindy's pregnant. The baby is his.'

Tom took a deep breath and let it out.  'I don't know what to say. Is she going to abort it?'

'No,but she's scared. Her biggest concern is what her  parents will do.'

Tom got up and poured himself coffee.  'I remember how we felt.  That's understandable.'

The two stayed at the table talking for quite a while.  They shared their concerns and hopes.  In the end, they got up and calmly hugged each other. Tom put his wife's head on his shoulder.  'Honey, this is beyond our control.  We can't go crazy here.  Let's just take it one day at a time.  It's all the energy I have left.  But it will be ok.'

Tom took a shower and sat watching television while Aileen washed the dishes.  It was their usual routine.  Aileen was glad that they had a peaceful loving marriage.  The years of ups and downs were there, but when they began to put the Lord in charge of their life, things became peaceful.

This reminded Aileen of the verse John 14:27 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you, I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.'

That evening Tom led Aileen in prayer before he retired for bed.  He took his wife's hand and asked the Lord to take over the present situation.  He asked that the Lord guide them. Tom placed his hand over his wife's head and pronounced that his home is in God's hands.

When Tom went upstairs to bed, Aileen sat down and prayed
as she usually did.  Some folks relaxed by watching the news at night.  Others spent their time drinking or going out.  Aileen relaxed in her glider chair with a little worn notebook.  She opened it up and scanned down the list of names.  With her finger on a name she began to intercede on their behalf.
Just as she was getting ready to climb the stairs to bed, her son came  home.
'Hi mom.  We picked out a name for the baby in case it's a boy.  Ishmael.'
Aileen's heart fluttered and she heard the Lord. 'You will not be a grandmother to this child, but you will be a grandmother
in prayer.'
Aileen hugged her son and went upstairs.  She sought the Lord after she lay in bed and stared out the window .  The stars shone bright that night and yet they did not answer her questions.  She went to sleep thinking of Abraham and Sarah in the book of Genesis.  Sarah had a failed attempt at making a child for Abram through her maid servant Hagar.  Hagar did have a child with Abram.  Ishmael.
Aileen reminded the Lord that she did not try to hasten any grandchild.  Why should this child not have her to grow up with?
Aileen tried to remain calm and filled with faith.  Yet, she stumbled over her own uncertainty.  For Aileen saw now what was to come.  How should she proceed?  She was reminded that night of her own father.  He had a daughter from another woman and she did not have anything to do with the family.  She was a sister in name only.

Aileen argued with the Lord during the night.  Next she thought of an uncle who had a child from an affair.  That cousin also had no contact with the family.  This seems like a generational curse.  What now Lord?

'Peace I leave with you, not as the world not be afraid...'

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