Monday, September 7, 2015

Bloodlines part 1

Aileen watched the sun gradually lowering it's shades as she stared out her living room window.  Her glider rocker sat near the fireplace as she continued to crochet.  She was glad for quiet cozy days like this.  She worked at the hospital 40 hours a week and she loved relaxing days off.  Her feet were up on the foot stool and her cup of mint tea sat perched on Aileen's endtable atop one of the doilies that she'd made.

Often she wondered what life would have been like if she'd been born a hundred years earlier.  'They probably had their own set of problems' she muttered to herself.  Her gaze went back to the window.  The November wind was picking up.  The rhododendruns had all gone and left just the green leaves.  They too would fall soon.  The maple trees had a few stubborn leaves but they were mostly bare. 
Aileen heard the back door open and close.  Heavy footsteps told her that her son had come into the house.  Michael was 21 years old and had some issues with drugs and alcohol.  Aileen hoped he was not drunk or stoned.  He entered the living room and stood before her chair.
She looked up ready to tell him that there was ham in the refrigerator but he cut her off.  'Listen Mom, my girlfriend is pregnant and the baby is mine.'  
The wind whooshed out of Aileen's chest.  She knew that she had to reply.  Yet, she could not get hysterical or Michael would bolt.  He was looking to see what her reaction was.
She asked 'Are you all right?'
Michael smiled.  'Yeah, Cindy's in the kitchen.  Do you want to see her?'
'Of course, no need to hide now.'  Aileen got up and picked up her tea.
Aileen felt sorry for the girl huddled with her shoulders hunched sitting at the table.  Her head was down and she looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders.  Aileen tried to make her comfortable.
'You don't have to be ashamed with me, Cindy.  I too became pregnant at a young age.'
"I am not worried about you Mrs. Manning.  What am I going to tell my parents?  They want me to finish college and become a teacher.  They are well known in town.  This could ruin them."
'Cindy, they love you and you will be surprised at the resiliance of parents.'
Michael took Cindy's hand.  'Come on, we have to go.'  Cindy gave a weak smile to Aileen and left with Michael.
Aileen sat at the kitchen table and stirred her luke warm tea.  She remembered what her family said when Michael was born and throughout his life so far.
'Look at that baby!  He looks like a miniature Sam!'  'Oh, he is stubborn....just like Sam.'  'Look at that boy, even as a teen ager he looks just like Sam and acts like Sam.'  'He has a new girlfriend every week, Sam always drew the women too.'
Odd, Aileen always wondered why he acted so much like her father and her father's brother when he had never met them. She thought for a moment about her father.  His father before him liked to drink.  His father before that had a still and made moonshine.  Three generations of alcoholics.
Then there was the women.  Her great grandfather had cheated on his wife and lost the family fortune in brothels. Her grandfather liked to gamble and drank away his winnings.  Her father liked the women.  He was never choosey, he just liked one for at least a night.
Then there were their good looks.  All had wavy hair and wide blue eyes with long eyelashes.  All had high cheekbones and full lips.  Skin as clear as alabaster and shoulders very wide.  They stood tall with their feet slightly apart.  If you lined up all the men in each generation you would see that they were cut from the same cloth.
Yet, Aileen knew something else. Their looks were set in stone, but the spirit of alcoholism and debauchery could be ended somehow.
She sat down and asked the Lord how.  'Lord there is nothing more powerful than
you.  You created these men and their weakness is flowing down to each generation.I fell into the same sexual sins as my fathers before me.  Let me know how to break the chains off of their necks.  I will do whatever you say.  Show me in your word what I should do.'
Aileen's first part of the battle plan came from her dropping her bible.  It fell open to 2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.
Aileen fell to her knees.  'Lord my everlasting God and King, I ask forgiveness for my own sins.  I know I went to you before but in case there is any sin I have not noticed, I ask for your forgiveness.  I ask you to clean my heart.  Give me a clean heart oh God.  Give me the strength to turn away from sins I stumble with.  Lord God let today be the day you begin to heal my land.  My land is my family.  Show me how to pray in power.'
Aileen stayed on her knees for a long time in the presence of her Lord and King.  It was day one of her fight.  The days ahead would not be numbered by her, the rest would be God's plan.

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