Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to make Home Fries

A few months ago I was frying up some home fries when my daughter explained that she didn't know how to make them.  I was so surprised!  I've been making these for almost forty years and somehow she didn't watch me make them..[my mother skills were embarrassed]
I got to thinking, how many of our grown kids do not know the ease in which to make a simple meal?  They are inexpensive and delicious!  You can make them three's how I do it..depending on the time I have.

If I have left over potatoes from last night's meal, [boiled potatoes]I cut them up and put them in a warm pan with oil in it.  Fry them up and that's it.  I add chopped onions and peppers but that is optional.

If I only have raw potatoes and a little more time I do them like differently.  You can peel them, but I don't.  Put them in a warm pan with enough oil to cover bottom of pan.  Not too much or it will spatter and make a mess.  It does not matter what kind of oil to use.  I prefer vegetable oil.  Let them brown just a bit on medium heat and when they get just a little brown, I turn down the heat.  Add diced onions, a small clove of garlic or quick shake of garlic salt.  Go easy on the garlic.  A little goes a long ways...especially if you are going out in public after.  haha  Also, add the green peppers.  Put a lid on the pan and let it cook on low for about ten minutes.  Then stir,  check if potatoes are getting soft.  Put back on low heat for another ten minutes or until potatoes are soft.

Another way I use if I am in a hurry is to put cut up potatoes in warm pan with oil and brown them a bit.  Next I add enough water to cover.  Let the water boil off and add chopped onions and garlic or peppers [optional]  Then a bit more water and cook until potatoes are soft.  I let them fry after water is boiled down a bit to make sure they have a nice brown around the edges.

Hubby loves the home fries and the kitchen smells wonderful.  After I get dishes done, I usually burn a candle or incense to remove smell.

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