Thursday, August 6, 2015

Are you offended by God's word?

Be careful what you say, you might give offense

Don’t speak out against abortion, just sit there on the fence

Be careful what you say, you’ll be politically incorrect

Sit back and let the world dictate and let their law be set

Let’s give medals to courageous folks who stand up straight and proud

Changing pants to wear a dress and  speak to the world   out loud

Be careful everyone,  don’t offend in what you do

Remember times have changed a lot and folks are watching you

Should you stand and honor the flag?

Or show the world you’re glad?

Be careful what you do, you might just give offense

Don’t worry that it’s against your faith, and doesn't  make any sense

Don’t speak of God’s and His only Son

For sure , you might offend someone

Don’t  speak of a husband and a wife

Today’s marriage is whatever for life

Don’t say that it’s God’s written plan

For a female to only be with a man

If offense saves just one soul from hell

Then truth I’ll speak, in fact I’ll yell

Be careful what you do and say

You’ll stand before the King one day!


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