Monday, July 27, 2015


I wonder how many of us are watching television and not realizing we are being desensitized?  The morals and values we have known are no longer in style.  Therefore, are no longer valid?  I think not.  Just because the folks of the media  are happy to show the sinful lifestyle as something to be awarded for courage...does not mean it is truth in the eyes of those who follow after God's truth.

We Christians are becoming the minority in the eyes of the media.  Yet,  we still stand strong.   The latest fad or latest sin is what the news media will want to promote.  It makes for news and that means money for them.

Wake up people.  Turn the television off for a while.  The news has in some instances become a living soap opera developed for the entertainment world.  It is not always truth.

I have heard it said that the more  a subject is flaunted before the eyes of people, the more they will grow to accept it as truth.

We as Christians base our truth on the words in the bible...written under the inspiration of God.  The bible gives us a word about killing unborn babies, homosexuality, stealing, murdering, and more.  The news media may try to shove it down our throats during the six o clock news, or prime time tv shows might give awards to those who go against the word of God but truth remains truth.

I don't care how many times someone tells me cow manure is great to eat...I still won't eat it!

God's word never changes with time or season.  Folks have tried to imitate it, add to it and take away from it but truth remains as the last word.  Remember  folks, the word of God will set you free.  It is pure and when you once become a new person in Christ through the reading and accepting it as the ultimate truth...all else will become a cloudy version.  Like a dirty swimming pool that looks like a pool but will only bathe you in muck if you step in it.

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