Friday, July 31, 2015

A heavenly hug

In the shadows of a cloudy day or in the brightness of the sun,
I know there is but one I need, and are that One

I sit before your throne today , a silent soul before you
My list of needs is oh so long, yet small for you to do

I find that all I wish to do is spend this time in quiet
The noise and cares of all the world are locked away tonight

A gentle breeze, a freshness near and yet I know there's more
Quietly I wait for you, the one my heart adores

I know I'm here to intercede on behalf of those with need
Yet here am I with open arms, just waiting at your feet

I've seen the power of your hand and know  I'm only me
Yet, in your presence I am safe and know my heart you see

So here I sit, and wait for you no matter the time or place
Just to bring my heartfelt thanks and meet you face to face

Yes Lord, I know you are with me now , I feel your gentle nudge
You see the list of prayer requests, but now I fear to budge

So take this list, give me strength to pray and ask for you to move

Move upon my friends today, with peace from up above
Let the world feel your hug today, as I can sense your love

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