Monday, July 14, 2014

Prayers for Israel

The greatest prayer for Israel is that they have peace.  I mean, the Prince of Peace...Jesus!  I do not blame Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for protecting his country.  Each day I see the bombs on television and continue to pray.

One thing I find amazing is that Israel warns the people when they are to bombed.  No other country does that.  I do not even remember our own country warning people when they are to be bombed.

The word of God tells us to pray for Israel.  Jesus wept over Jerusalem.  He knew the chaos and horrific things that would come.

All through the bible it tells of Jews in war.  King David was a warrior on the battlefield.  Moses led his people out of captivity.  Then, there was the holocaust in which thousands were killed. 

Pray for Israel.  I pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu as well.  A people that has seen centuries of war and yet God has prospered them and done miracles for them over and over. 

Pray for the Muslims as well.  Pray for revelation, and salvation.

Only God knows how this will turn out.  'Will it be the beginning of the end?  Or, will it be the end of the beginning?'  spoken by the Prime Minister. 

I pray the news casters give accurate accounts of this war.  Who started it?  Who wants it?  Let our country never turn it's back on Israel.  For they are God's chosen ones, and we are told to always pray for them.

This writer will never stop praying for the peace of Israel.  The Prince of Peace will never stop loving them.

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