Friday, May 23, 2014

Morning routines, or Morning Blessings

Each morning I have the same routine.  I awake quietly so as not to awaken my sleeping husband.  I arise and feed the dog and let him out.  I make coffee.  That is a routine.

Yet, my morning blessing is when I sit and talk to the Lord.  I sometimes read a daily devotional, or a part of the bible.  But always, I am blessed by knowing that my Lord is listening as I pour out my heart to him.  This is a blessing for me.  It is quiet time.  How I love the quiet time.

The day unfolds all to quickly and things need to be done.  Errands, housework, calls to make.  Yet, in the morning as I awaken early...I am blessed.

I watch the sun rise over the palm trees sometimes.  Sometimes, I look through my kitchen window and see peacocks strut around.  The birds begin to chirp as if they too have their morning prayer time. 

Too soon the cares of the world creep into our vision.  Too soon, we are tired and need to find our rest.

Yet in the morning as I first awaken...I have a choice.  I can stop and awaken with my Lord or choose something else.  I choose to be blessed by His presence.  I encourage my readers to do this.  Why should I have all the fun?

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