Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Be Afraid of this Generation

So often I look at this next generation and want to shake them.  Then I remember how I had to learn through my own mistakes.  I remember that before I came to know the Lord, He was forever getting my attention.  How could he do less with this next generation.

I stare out the window of my car and see the young men wearing their pants down to show off their boxer shorts.  Then, I remember the seventies when we wore 'hot pants'. 

The loud music especially perturbs me as I am out and about.  Then I remember distinctly how my mom used yell 'turn that music down'.

We never heard of guns in the schools though.  Yet, there were knives.  I remember my sister getting knifed twice in high school in the big city where we lived.

The Lord took care of Saul of Tarsus as he was on the Damascus road aiming towards putting unsuspecting Christians into jail, or killing them.  I'm sure He is still able to meet the gang members and murderers.

My prayers never cease for this next generation.  The world is getting colder it seems.  I am now middle aged and will see worse things if I am still here in years to come.  But, I will also rejoice as I see the next generation age and watch many turn to Christ.  It's going to happen.  Just you wait and see.

If God can reach this rebellious teen and turn her into a woman of God, I'm sure of it!

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