Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Woman's Prayer

From deep within my heart keeps on
Though I've had no word to build upon
A special child so far away
I hope to see her face one day

You alone can intercede
Each day you hold this heart in me
My Lord, my God, watch over her
Give her safety, and your favor

So long ago, I saw her face
A smiling babe, in silk and lace
But though I loved her as you know
I felt as though it best I go

I think of all the prayers I prayed
The nights when oft my thoughts would stray
Back to a time so long ago
When I fixed her hair with a yellow bow

You are the King and are working now
You will answer prayer, I don't know how
It's enough for me to know you care
Though I'm not with her, I know you're there

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