Monday, March 31, 2014

A Gift For God, can you afford it?

Sitting in my easy chair, it’s morning coffee time.  My dishes await, and I’ve yet to walk the dog.  Yet, I feel as though the Lord is giving me something to say to my readers.

How long has it been since you turned off the television and pressed the off button on your computer.  Have you closed that book and sat down quietly before God without an agenda?  No, I do not mean time to pray and ask for something.  I mean sit and listen.

Chores will come to mind, a phone might ring, or you’ll remember something you forgot.  Put a notepad nearby and jot that down.  Turn off phone for a bit.  Give the Lord a gift today.  Give HiM your time, your attention and just sit for a few minutes.

You may not hear a word from HIM.  That’s ok.  It takes a bit of stamina and practice to sit quiet  with no agenda before the throne.

I think of it like this, at times my husband and I sit quiet with no conversation.  We just  want the intimacy that comes from time spent together in a relaxed state.  He isn’t  asking questions, making statements or planning something.  I am not looking for anything to come out of this time.  We just ARE.

When I sit alone quiet  knowing only the Lord is present, I remember he said ‘I AM’.  I don’t have my hand out for anything.  I’m not looking for words to a teaching, healing, help for anything…just to be with I AM.

I leave this time with many things.  I know HE is glad to be with me.  His peace goes with me as I leave this time with Him.  I go through my day better equipped  as I am faced with challenges each day.

This is a way to GIFT the Father.  To GIVE  him something.  You give your time, you give your self, you spend time just to be with Him.  This is for HIM, not you.  Yet, you leave with something always.

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