Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Father has the Wheel

Recently, I asked a friend 'How does it feel to not be in control?'. She had been going through some hard times and literally had no control over her life. Yet, really...do we ever have control?  It is a false security at best to think we do.  This photo reminds me so much of how we like this small baby should feel secure knowing our heavenly Father is indeed in control.  In this world of women's liberation and being all that us women can be...sometimes we women have lost sight of the feeling of security and yes, freedom that comes from giving up control. Even men find it hard to turn over the wheel of their life at times.
In Psalm 32:8 It reads, 'I will instruct you and teach you in the way in which you should go.  I will counsel you with my eye upon you.'  Sometimes it seems as though God does not see us.  But, rest assured that He knows exactly where we are at all times.  His eyes are not only trained on us, but He is focused on the plans He has for us.  Plans that far outweigh any plan we may have.  This baby in the picture need not fear.  His earthly Grandfather is holding on to him, and steering the boat to safe waters.  Our Heavenly Father does the same thing.  Take a look at those hands that wrap themselves around this baby.  Our heavenly Father never takes his hands off of us either.  The waters might be rough seas, but He is there.  We might think we are steering the boat alone, but we are not.  He is our lifejacket!  He is the captain of our ship.  His hands are gentle and his eye is sure.

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