Sunday, June 30, 2013

thoughts for today

I'm sitting on my screened in patio and watching the rain.  It's a nice summer rain with a few rumblings of thunder.  The air always gets a little humid here in Florida about this time.  However, for just a few moments the air clears a bit and I can sit and enjoy my Hazelnut coffee and listen to the raindrops.

How often we hurry through our lives and seldom listen to what is joyous around us.  I love to turn off the news, the radio, television and even this computer and just listen.  The sound of my neighborhood mocking bird is singing now that the rain has let up a bit.  The steady dripping of rain coming off the elephant plant's large leaves keeps time with the croaking toads.

I guess there is a fire or something nearby as I can hear the distant sounds of a siren.  The thunder rolls.

There is nothing I can do about the weather.  In fact, my powers over life are quite few.  The really biggest thing I can control is my response to life.

That response is a choice.  I can grow bitter or I can grow better.  Either way, I am growing.  As the rain speeds up again I am mindful that our lives speed up and seem to slow down during different seasons as well.

That is why I choose to follow God through each and every downpour and through every sunny day as well. 

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