Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Joyful Heart Paints in Color

A Blank Screen is a canvas as the heart waits for the colors to emerge.  Blasts of sparkles burst on the screen as if thrown from a rainbow to blaze across the sky.

Just lay back and let imagination take a stroll.  Two colors overlay and green emerges from the colors of the sun  mixed with the sky of blue.  Two emotions mix and love peeks out from beneath friendship and joy.  A stunning vision of intense fondness and forever brilliance.

Trees dance across the screen swaying in rhythm to the winds of time.  A host of cool breezes whip across the tops of the trees and they bow in reverence to the presence of a love so dear.

Suddenly we are transported to the ocean’s shores where the waves crash like the sound of cymbals.  A symphony of seagull calls blend with the base drumming of the heavy tossing waves .  The sun illuminates the waters and picks up the impressions of diamonds floating on a crystal blue sea.  Yet where are we?

Are we tossed to and fro on a journey through a sea of hope and expectation or are we crashing to a bottomless pit of despair?  The heart burns as we struggle for another breath and push ourselves up through the deep waters.

Triumph rings true as our hands touch the future of our desires.  Warm purple hazes explain the richness of the inheritance we have within.  No man has seen nor even heard of a destiny so emerged in the strength of our faith.

The creator sits and watches us as we reach closer to our main goal.  Amidst the shadows of yesterday lie the bright promise of our destiny.

High above the world of gray and sadness, we fly with eagles wings.  We need not search for a place to nest for no place in time can be our home.  We lodge with One of rare design and He sits upon His throne.

In shades of love and happiness we smell the essence of love.  The canvas covers the screens of time and His heart is there to greet us.

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