Friday, April 5, 2013

spring cleaning

It's been a while since I have sat down to write.  As a blogger, I am not on any deadline or crunch time to express my thoughts.  I just could not write with that over my shoulder.  I may not get anything published on paper, but the joy of writing is still there.  I have been reading a few emails asking why I haven't written lately.

Mostly, I am at the Lord's beckon call.  He is always giving me things to write about.  Yet lately, I have been absorbed in the daily routine of life.  Spring is here and I shampooed the carpets and front room furniture.  The living room walls were treated with a fresh coat of paint.  Next, I redecorated our bedroom.  I do not have live plants inside as I have a brown thumb.  However, I do have a lot of fake ones that needed to be washed and that got done as well.

Birthdays, Easter, church and family have given me plenty to do as well.

A gentle voice came to me as I sat down with a cup of jasmine tea.  'Go finish your last short story.'  I had forgotten what I was even writing.  I went back to my notes and discovered that I was in the middle of 'All Things New'.

Well, of course!  My main character 'Buddy' had just begun meeting people outside of living as a hermit in his beer and cigarette filled apartment.  I went back to my characters.  Let's see 'Gramma Jean' is patterned in part by my own grandmother and a sweet vibrant little lady from my home church.

'Joe' is a character that I have combined with my own husband, and a few friends.

Putting down character personalities on paper helps me keep focused in my writing.  I do so enjoy pulling out characters from folks I know.  This gives me an inkling on which way they will move in a story.

I've been asked to go to a writing clinic.  I think I will pass for now.  My goal is not to be a best seller.  The hectic life of an author is not for me.  I have friends who are authors and they are on the go a lot.  Nothing is more important to me than my quiet housewife life.   Yet, the Lord is never boring.  He is simply peaceful, loving, encouraging, and the force that creates my stories.

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