Monday, April 29, 2013

Scrap Yarn Blanket

Recently, I finished crocheting a scrap yarn afghan.  Rather than making granny squares, I just crocheted all sorts of colors and different lengths of yarn together in a lacy afghan pattern.  The results were striking.  With each color I was reminded how life has had short spurts and long seasons of dry land.  A fairly large ball of yarn would remind me of either a long dry patch or a seemingly quiet area of my life.

The only constant was that the Lord kept me going.  As I look back at the frequent stops,  and starts it seemed as though I was going nowhere.  The stress of school, a full time job, marriage, motherhood, relationships, financial stresses, health issues and more seemed to be a forever mountain that we climbed.

The funny thing is that though I would probably change things if I could go back, the areas of our life seem to be a learning and testing series where the Lord alone could bring us to where we are today.

Rather than looking back with painful memories, I choose to see the mistakes made as a learning experience.  I choose to forgive those who were like an odd piece of yarn in my afghan.  They taught me patience.

I’m grateful for so many long stretches of happy joyful times too.  The wonder of early marriage and motherhood are forever etched in my heart.

Some of the yarn I used up in my afghan was of a rough texture.   Dealing with disappointments and loss is intertwined in all of our lives.  I’m thankful that it only brought me closer to the one who handles it all.  Where once I despaired and wept for what could never be, I now can be thankful for what I have.

Each color that was crocheted into the scrap yarn blanket signified how often our lives go through seasons and we seldom see the blessings because we focus on the stress, hard work, and worry.  In the end, worrying is a useless time consumer.  Our time here on earth is so limited that I have decided to try not to waste it that way.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I am in a new season.  The world around me is still blaring out bad news and war and high taxes.   Yet, I’ve come to realize that I trust God more and have a lot less stress.  I own very little compared to what I worked hard to get.  I found that I do not need much, and the more I owned the more I had to take care of. 

I can look at my friends who have much more and be glad for them, and yet not want what they have.  That is a result of having the Lord show himself to be able to provide for all my needs.  I know that no matter what happens, I am in the palm of his hand.

It took time and I still have a long life ahead of me.  Yet, as I crocheted my blanket I knew that I had come to a place where the past does not hurt to look at.  However, the future is exciting to see unfold.  When it is all finished, the Lord makes each scrap of our lives into a beautiful masterpiece.


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