Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marriage Chuckles...'Bucket Lights'

Weezy and Shermie were out riding in their red convertible on a sunny day.  Weezy  sat in the passenger seat thinking about her kitchen.  'You know Shermie,  I was wondering if I could get some lights put up near the sink.  It's dark in that corner and for some reason the people who built the condo didn't put a light there.'

Shermie sighed.  'I've been thinking about it.  I think I know just what I'm going to do.'

A few moments passed and Weezy got tired of waiting.   'Good,  what are you going to do?'

'Don't worry about it.  I have a plan.'

Weezy was curious now more than ever.  'Great, but what is it?'

Shermie watched traffic as he down shifted the little sports car.  'I'm going to put a couple of bucket lights up.'

Weezy wasn't sure what they were.  She did know that there wasn't any electrical wires up in that part of the ceiling though.  'How are you going to do that?  Put them on a strip?'

Shermie hated explaining things to his wife.  She wasn't mechanical.  'What?  No, just don't worry about it.'

'Well, I was just wondering how you are going to get power to them.'

'Fine, but that's not what you asked.'  Shermie shook his head. ' I'm going to put the lights in the ceiling and run the wires  to the flourescent light in the kitchen.  It's only a foot.  You'll never see it.  OK?'

Weezy nodded. 'Oh, that's a nice idea.  Why didn't you just say so?'

'That's not what you asked me at first!  I can't read your mind.'

Weezy glared at him.  'Yes you can!  You always know what I'm thinking.  Guess what I'm thinking right now?'  She gave him her coldest disgusted glare.

Shermie glanced over.  'Well, that's not nice!'


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