Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Come on, think about the manger scene....

So often I  hear people speak of the 'romantic' manger scene. Come on folks, have you ever been in a barn? Smelly, loud mooing and little creepy things I won't mention. Little droppings of brown mush here and there.

  I had my children in a hospital, I can't imagine going through childbirth in a barn with cows and camels wandering by...not to mention the actual junk of childbirth. Yuk city!  No sanitation or clean dressing gowns. 

  Then, do you know why those animals kept looking over at the manger??? A baby was laying in their supper dish!

  Now, stop and think of those shepherds who saw this enormous mind blowing bright light and heard angels singing!! They were bedded down near the sheep on a quiet night and suddenly this blazing light ...I'd be shaking in my boots....but the angels singing??? I would have screamed my head off and ran down the hill. Picture a shepherd running for dear life, with a herd of sheep behind him, a bright light all around too. Feet don't fail me now!'

The angels and that light are so understated by folks.  It was a BRIGHT light!  Like ten stadiums multiplied by a thousand!  Those angels are trained to sing loud too! ' Glory to God in the highest, on earth Peace and goodwill to men.'  I think it must have sounded like the loudest rock concert ever.  Think of your favorite concert and mulitply the sound monitors!

I do not know if it was cold or hot and muggy.  Not sure it was even in December.  That is not the point of holding a special day set apart to honor our Savior's birth.  He is the son of the most high God and each year we set aside a day to honor his birth, whenever it was.  Of course, those who know him also know we can celebrate Him every day of the year too.  We give gifts because we already got the greatest gift of all.  Jesus came to save us from hell.

Many folks do not believe there is a heaven or a hell.  They do not believe that Jesus is the son of God.  That does not take away the truth of it at all.

Our Lord has a great sense of humor and it is ok to laugh at this post.  But, try to really imagine that night as it must have been.  Greatest show on earth...until He comes again!

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