Thursday, October 25, 2012


I haven’t been writing much lately.  God has not inspired me with a story line.  My attention has been drawn to preparing to travel to New York to see family for Thanksgiving.  I have much to be thankful for and my family is a blessing.

Also, the election coverage has been a constant source of prayer.  I truly enjoy meeting God in the mornings through prayer.  I awaken before dawn and fix myself a hot drink.  Then, bible in hand I head for my little patio.  The cool morning air is refreshing after a long hot Florida summer. 

Today, I am watching the wind blow through the palm trees as Hurricane Sandy prepares to edge its way up the east coast.  I am praying it swerves off to the east rather than west.

My weather alarm went off several times during the night with the storm’s warnings and watches.  I’d love to shut it off but you never know here in Florida.  It might just save my life.

The gray sky and strong breeze tells me that Sandy is not a force I wish to reckon with.  Thank God, I know who is in control of the wind.  He listened to me this morning as I prayed for his favor and grace.

As for the presidential election…I do not have a favorite choice.  Neither man is perfect.  However, as we are human…there never was a perfect man to choose from.  I am looking to God and noticing the actual voting and past promises to find the most Godly man to vote for.

Some folks say to vote your conscience, but I prefer to vote God’s values.  I vote God’s idea of morals.  What God says about being good stewards of our money holds true with the government spending.  What God says about homosexuality, marriage and murder holds true  today.  I believe the word of God has a stand on every issue that we are facing today.

It’s a matter of right and wrong.  Not Right and Left views.  I hope everyone will vote this year.  When I hear folks say it’s a freedom of choice, I remember what the word of God says.  ‘Choose you this day who you will serve’

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