Sunday, September 2, 2012

Morning Chuckles

One of the most enjoyable things in a marriage is the ability to laugh with each other.  Mornings with Weezy and Sherm can be comical without anyone trying.  Pretend you are watching their morning through the eyes of words.

Weezy wakes up and throws on her pink slippers and flowered housecoat.  She washes her face, brushes teeth and runs a brush through her hair.  Next, she opens her eyes wider and takes a deep breath.  'Coffee' she thinks.

Weezy uses a perculator rather than a coffeemaker because she has somehow managed to ruin so many coffeemakers.  She shakes her head and says, 'I have no idea why they always mess up.'  This morning she perks the coffee and the smell permeates their apartment.

Shermy awakes to the smell of coffee and soon wanders out of the bedroom.  'Hello!' he says.  His wife smiles and turns off the coffeepot.   She pours two cups as usual.  Shermy likes his with sugar and cream, but she omits the sugar in her coffee.  As she brings the coffee to their favorite spot on the patio, she forgets which cup is which.  'I'll just sip one and find out.' she says.

'Yuk, this one is yours.'  Shermy smiles.  Soon, Weezy gets up to make breakfast.  Sausage, potatoes and peppers sizzle with eggs and cheese.  Bread is put in the toaster.  All of a sudden the smoke detector goes off.  Weezy keeps on cooking because there is nothing burning.  Besides, Shermy always turns off the smoke detector.  This happens a lot.  Shermy checks over his wife's shoulder to make sure nothing is turning black.  'I think it's the toaster.  Or maybe the smoke detector is faulty.'  She says.  'It's been a while since it went off.'

'Yet, it only goes off when you are cooking.' Shermy replys.

'Well, you can see I never burn anything!' she mutters.

The toast pops up and Weezy butters it and prepares his plate.  A few moments later, he asks his wife for a knife to cut his toast in half.  She hands him the knife used to butter the toast with.

'This is delicious'  Weezy says as she eats her breakfast scrambler.  'Just like Denny's'

'This is one classy restaurant take a sip  of my coffee before serving it, then the smoke alarm goes off, then you give me a dirty knife!'

He takes his wife's hand and bows his head.  'Lord thank you for this food, and for laughter.'

Weezy smiles.  'Amen'

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