Friday, August 24, 2012

Marriage Chuckles

Three Boxes of Cereal and no Fries!

Weezy and Shermy were just finishing up breakfast when they heard a knock on the door.  The man from the water department told them that they needed to boil their water for at least 48 hours for cooking or drinking, or washing dishes.

‘Gee Shermy, maybe we should get paper plates.  I don’t know how long this will be.’

‘Nay, we’ll be fine.’  He replied.

Meanwhile, Weezy realized she had a dishwasher filled with dishes that she didn’t dare just use the dishwasher for.  She put pots of water on to boil and asked Shermy to help dry the glasses and silverware.  He sat near the counter and proceeded to help dry the dishes.

‘Whew!  I didn’t realize how many dishes we dirty!  I’m thinking we should do take out for a bit.’ He said.

‘Fine by me dear.  ‘Take out is my favorite recipe.  Are you ready to go grocery shopping now?’

‘I’m exhausted!  But sure…let’s go!’

Weezy and Shermy always enjoy doing the grocery shopping together.  Lately, Shermy’s bad back has relegated him to riding the supermarket scooters as Weezy walks nearby.  Her cane clicks on the floor in front of Shermy as they search the aisles.

Weezy hears a slight ‘oops’ and turns just in time to see Shermy check his turns with the scooter.  “You are having entirely too much fun in that!”  Shermy grins back!

Soon they are in the cereal aisle.  Weezy glances through the selections of sugar crisps, cocoa stars, and fruity hoops.  “Ah, here is what I’m looking for…”

“We already have two boxes of cereal at home.” Shermy states quietly.

Weezy isn’t paying attention as she checks the box for fiber amounts and vitamins.  Shredded Wheat in the bite sized form is a good addition to their low cholesterol lower fat diet.

‘We have ‘Oatios’ and ‘Raisin Bran’ at home Weezy.  We already have two boxes of cereal.’ Shermy reminds her again.

‘Weezy puts the box into the cart.  ‘Shermy, I’m 55 yrs. old.  I can have three boxes of cereal to choose from if I want.’

Suddenly, Shermy begins to laugh.  ‘Well, of course you can!  Let’s go hog wild and buy six!’

The two of them began to laugh hysterically.  ‘You know, I was thinking… we should go out to lunch.’  Weezy replied.

Shermy had sudden thoughts of a greasy big hamburger with a side order of French fries.  ‘Sure, where did you have in mind?’

Weezy knew the way her husband’s mind worked.  She also knew what the doctor had said about losing weight.  ‘Well, somewhere that we can get a light lunch.’

‘If I’m going out to lunch, I’m having what I want!’  Shermy replied in his best imitation authoritive  tone.  “I don’t need you to tell me what I can or can’t eat!’  He looked up to see if he made any progress with his wife.  Her face didn’t waver.

Shopping was soon finished and they brought the groceries home.  Shermy waited patiently while the fresh vegetables and fruit were packed away.  “I just love these Bing cherries Shermy.  They are almost as good as chocolate.  Here try a few while I finish up here.’

‘Oh yay’ he thought.  He took the small bowl of cherries and munched on them while he waited.  He was surprised that although they had pits in them, they did taste good.

‘So, Weezy …have you decided where we are going for lunch?’

‘How about that little diner around the corner?’

‘Great, they have good hamburgers.’  Shermy smiled hopefully.

They found themselves sitting at a small table and looking over the menu.  ‘Now Shermy, I want you to remember what the doctor said.  Besides, lately the hamburgers haven’t agreed with you.’

She said it quietly so no one in the restaurant could hear her.  She didn’t want to embarrass her husband.

Shermy sighed.  ‘I’m getting what I want!’ He said.

Soon the waitress came over with their iced tea with lemon.  Shermy looked at the menu as his wife gave her order.  ‘I’ll have the tuna wrap’  The waitress nodded and wrote it down.

Shermy peered over the menu slowly.  ‘I’ll have a BLT’  The waitress said ‘Do you want chips or fries with that sir?’

Shermy said ‘Well, I want fries….’  Weezy glared at him.  ‘…but chips is fine.’  The waitress laughed. 

‘She gave you the look didn’t she?  Don’t mess with that look!  Smart man!’  She was smiling as she walked away.

Shermy sat with a twisted mouth.  ‘Chips, no fries…yuk!’

The lunch was quickly devoured and the couple headed for home.  Shermy’s back medicine sometimes made him tired.  He sat in his recliner as Weezy left the room to do her ironing.   When she came back to the room, she found  him with half closed eyelids.

‘Why don’t you go lie down Shermy?’

‘You’re not the boss of me!  I don’t need a nap!’  He said in a humorous childlike voice.

Weezy smiled back at him.  Suddenly, the tv was shut off and Shermy stood up.  ‘I think I’ll take a nap.  But it’s because I want to.’

‘Of course.  You do whatever you like dear.’  Weezy smiled.

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