Friday, August 3, 2012

Talking to God

Dear Heavenly Father,

You know the first word and the first thought of my day.  The plans I make do not go unnoticed by you.  In your divine way, you reshape them and mold them into what the day should be. 

Today is like a thousand years to you.  Take this moment and build my world around your will.  You always have open arms for me.  My response is to open my heart and let you have your way.

Speak to me and give me your words.  What shall I write if not your heart?

You’ve awakened the desires in me; I wait for your words to start

In your arms is my place to be, it’s where I long to rest

I love to hear your heartbeat, with my ear against your chest

Your voice is gentle and resonates throughout my mind and will

It keeps me wanting to hear more from you, it keeps me perfectly still

I feel a tickle, a warm gentle breath that lands upon my cheek

Your joy is felt through my whole being,, I grin but I still don’t speak

As a child awaits a Christmas morn, I wait impatiently

That’s when I hear the holy laughter, and see you smiling at me

Your laugh is contagious and I take it within to hold throughout the day

It spills out at the strangest times as I hold onto it this way

Like a child carrying a bucket of water and racing down a hill

By the end of the day, the bucket is empty but I am laughing still

So, speak to me and give me more for I am waiting on you

Nothing is ever going to be as good, nothing else will do

So often we forget that our heavenly father wants to spend time with us.  He's more than someone to just ask for things from.  He wants to enjoy us.  He has a sense of humor, he is affectionate, and loaded with fun.

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